Dr Shane Heslop osteopath, summer in Tasmania

Tasmania in summer, AMAZING! Shane Heslop has been in Tazzie since Boxing Day staying in a lovely town called Cygnet, 45 min drive south of Hobart. Sitting down in the old town today, i learnt that Cygnet historically has had Catholic roots, hence having 3 pubs for such a small population compared to Huonville up the road with a Protestant history and only one pub yet a larger population.

Not sure what that meant but it was certainly important to the local explaining it! Cygnet is in the heart of the apple and cherry region, the trees are loaded with fruit, there are trendy cider outlets everywhere and the cherry’s being in season are large, sweet and cheap to buy. Yesterday we went to Hartz Peak, in the heart of the Huon Valley Wilderness. An amazing place indeed. Tasmania has created some amazingly curated, eco friendly walks and this would have to be one of the best. A pleasant 23 degrees in the Valley turned into a wild and woolly 9 degrees up high, so much so that our hoodies and shorts didnt cut it and we had to scamper back down! We hope you have all had a relaxing, rejuvenating and rewarding break and are as invigorated as we are for the start of the NY. If you require any help, come in and experience some chilled out, motivated osteopaths ready to help reduce your pain and improve your function.

Dr Rohan Armstrong, going crazy over summer!

What has Dr Rohan Armstrong, osteopath, been up to over summer?

Typically, we like to set goals for the year from January, to set us up for the whole year. As such, before we finished up for the year I decided to enter the Bogong 2 Hotham trail run race to be held on January 6th giving me about 3 weeks to ensure i was prepared for the 29 km leg, and finishing on Mt. Hotham summit. As you can imagine, involving a bit of ‘vert’ or climbing!! With this in mind, I aimed to run every second day whilst away, and was fortunate enough to be spending most of this time in the seaside town of Kiama on the South coast of NSW, where my family in-laws live. Kiama provides the perfect training ground for me due to its beautiful coast, sand and undulating dairy country including the Saddleback Mountain. My favourite training route in this region is called ‘The Coastal Track” which is truly spectacular walking trail that starts at Loves Bay and zig zags its way next to coastal pastures following exposed clifftops and rainforest remnants overlooking ancient rock platforms and endless ocean views to Werri Lagoon at Gerringong. I always hit this run at least once on every visit here and managed it a number of times out & back on this visit, and I never tire of it. Of course being able to finish the run with a soothing dip in the ocean always helps! If you need some guidance with your fitness or health goals for this year, or in particular your running, talk to Rohan, our resident running guru!

Dr Matthew Franz, summer full of activity!

Further in our series of what our Melbourne Osteopaths at City Osteopathy have done over summer break, Dr Matthew Franz, osteopath, was able to take on the famous 1.2km Lorne Pier to Pub swim. For those who don’t know it’s an ocean water swim that has been happening for over 20 years.
Held down in Lorne, the famous event all started from a bet between a couple of friends at the Lifesaving club and it has become the largest ocean water swim in the world today. The race was held in perfect conditions and with a time of 19.53, for his second attempt, Matthew was definitely feeling the perks of the event a couple of days later! Although sore, it was all worth it for the feeling afterwards and of course a beer at the pub. Next on Matthew’s wish list is a triathlon, of which he hopes to complete by summers end. If you too are feeling sore from taking on new adventures and challenges over the summer, book in with Matthew to get yourself sorted for the new year!

Rock Climbing w Dr Nia May, Osteopath

Dr Nia May is our resident rock climbing expert at City Osteopathy.  Do you have low back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain related to rock climbing, abseiling or bouldering?  Come speak to Nia, she is a wealth of knowledge.

Here is a little insight into what she did over summer….

Last weekend I went up to Mount Macedon to check out the rock climbing and hikes there.  It’s a surprisingly short drive to be out of Melbourne and into this beautiful area, and it did not disappoint!  Australia has some amazing rock, much of it difficult to get to, and it was refreshing to find a good number of people enjoying the climbing, walking, and general picnicking, in a spot so close to home.
We parked up in Camel’s Hump and walked the short track to the cliffs.  Unfortunately, we were too busy climbing to take photos of climbing, but once we got to the top we got this lovely shot of the view.  Fresh air and green views are always a good way to spend the weekend!


Pregnancy & Exercise by Dr Nia May, Melbourne Osteopath at City Osteopathy

Here at City Osteopathy we see many women seeking osteopathic treatment during pregnancy and in the post-natal period.  As well as offering manual osteopathic treatment we seek to provide advice and guidance on supporting physical health during this time of great changes.  One question that often comes up for women we treat is – am I still able to exercise whilst I’m pregnant?


The guidelines are clear that, for the healthy woman, exercise is safe and beneficial.  It offers numerous health benefits for both mother and unborn child, and there is minimal risk associated with physical activity.

So, what are the benefits of exercise?

The benefits of exercise stated by Sports Medicine Australia in their 2016 guidelines are:

  • Improved cardiovascular function and physical fitness
  • Decreased risk of pregnancy related complications such as pregnancy-induced hypertension and pre-eclampsia.
  • Reduced back and pelvic pain
  • Reduced fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression
  • Decrease in excessive gestational weight gain and post-partum weight retention.
  • Fewer delivery complications in women who are active during pregnancy
  • Prevention and management of urinary incontinence.

How should I exercise?

When giving advice to all people at all stages of life about their lifestyle, symptoms, and physical activity, there are always individual considerations to take account of.  This is no different for women during pregnancy, and when there are medical or obstetric complications general exercise may not be recommended.  It is always a good idea to discuss this with your healthcare professional and/or antenatal care provider.

For a healthy woman during an uncomplicated pregnancy, regular moderate intensity exercise is recommended, including both aerobic and light to moderate muscle strengthening components.  This ‘muscle strengthening’ component includes pelvic floor exercises, which in themselves are an important part of maintaining long term health after pregnancy.

This is a time to continue or moderately improve activity levels, gradually progressing activity if pre-pregnancy exercise levels have been low and to select appropriate forms of activity.  Walking, swimming, and modified Pilates are all safe options, though it is not recommended to continue activities with a high risk of falling, or trauma, and supine positions (laying on your back) past the beginning of pregnancy.

Remember that every activity counts and exercise should be spread throughout the week.  Hydration, calorific intake, and maintaining a safe body temperature are all important to consider.  You should listen to your body and adapt your activity, modifying your exercise routine as is appropriate for you.


What is ‘moderate intensity exercise’?

As complicated as it sounds, ‘moderate intensity exercise’ is that which makes you breathe faster, whilst still being able to hold a conversation.  Some people use the guidance that you should exercise so that you can ‘talk but not sing’ indicating that your breathing rate should increase a little, but within safe limits.


Pregnancy is a great time to adopt (or continue!) a healthy lifestyle, knowing that you are doing the best for your own physical, mental and emotional health as well as for that of your coming child.  Pain and dysfunction can influence your ability to move and undertake activity, and it is very common for women during pregnancy to experience new onsets of back pain, headaches, pelvic pain, and other associated symptoms.  Our osteopaths can give you advice and safe osteopathic treatment to support your comfort and health during pregnancy.

Dr Nia May – Osteopath


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Dr Clair Hurst, osteopath is back at City Osteopathy!

Dr Clair Hurst, osteopath is back working at City Osteopathy! Clair has spent the past 6 months travelling in Europe, in particular spending a lot of time walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

We are so happy to have her back…:)) Clair will also recommence her pilates practice in our Queen st studio, those who have seen her know she has an amazing zest for life, pilates, osteopathy and health! Clair is a wonderful practitioner, come in and reconnect with her, you wont be disappointed.