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At City Osteopathy we have a keen interest in running and running related injuries. We also have a self confessed running nerd & specialist running coach in Dr Rohan Armstrong. A former 400m sprinter turned distance runner, Rohan has just completed his second Melbourne Marathon, bettering his previous time by nearly 9 minutes and breaking 3 hrs in the process. Now training for his third, he is aiming to qualify for the New York City Marathon for 2016. Rohan’s attributes this success to the understanding and practise of improved running technique and efficiency, and better training methods.

Over many years of treating athletes with running related injuries, and combining his own experiences of being coached in track sprinting and distance running events, Rohan’s personal journey of understanding and appreciating the finer points of running began. It quickly became clear that effective treatment of running related injuries not only involved a physical and mechanical assessment in the treatment room, but also training program management and finally technique correction to improve running efficiency and hence reduce the risk of injury.

Rohan is the director of Run Well, where he designs personalised running training programs for all runners to help you achieve your running goals, in particular for the marathon. Rohan also conducts Running Technique Clinics around Melbourne, called ‘Run Better, Run Stronger, Run Faster’ and takes a regular running roup every Friday morning at 6am at the Tan ( meet at the Anderson Street hill).

Whilst it is regularly accepted that most runners get injured at some stage, it does not have to be that way. Effective assessment and treatment, improved running efficiency and a personalised and appropriate training program can ensure your success at your next event.

For more information please contact Rohan here or at