Could inflammation in your 40s increase dementia risk?

Increased inflammation is becoming the buzz word in medicine to help explain many diseases.  It has been linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. Its relationship with depression has also recently come to light. If inflammation can have consequences for brain function, it is possible that it could have a long-term impact on the structure of the brain, too.

A recent study has linked inflammation and damage to the area of the brain, the hippocampus, that is linked to Alzheimers.

Read on, this is theory is likely to get more and more popular….

Check out this Osteopaths elbow infection…..

One of our senior Melbourne Osteopaths at City Osteopathy noticed some elbow pain and swelling at 2pm on a Friday afternoon, and by Saturday was in emergency requiring IV antibiotics!  All this came on from a small cut on the elbow, which followed a similar issue in his knee only 3 weeks previous.  Photo was taken early days, it got heaps worse!

Moral of this story was the quick medical intervention, cellulitis can spread quickly and become a very serious medical issue.

Anabolic steroids (AAS) can shrink the brain!

Studying structural brain imaging of  weight-lifters, this first large-scale systematic investigation shows negative correlations between AAS use and brain volume and cortical thickness. Although the findings are correlational, they may serve to raise concern about the long-termconsequences of AAS use on brain structural features  bodybuilder 2

Lets hope the weightlifters among us are aware of this worrying development.  Here is the article…..

3 day working week provides best cognitive function according to a Melbourne Uni study.

Researchers have backed the popular belief that working less could be better for your brain.

New research from the University of Melbourne has found working part-time for about 25 to 30 hours a week had a positive impact on the cognitive function for Australians aged over 40.

But for those working more than three days a week, research found stress and fatigue could erase those positive impacts.

A great article, not good maybe for the over 40s though who are being told we may need to work till 70…;)