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Qualified from RMIT in 1992, Shane has been partner of a large multi -disciplinary clinic in Blackburn since then. He opened City Osteopathy in 2002. Since then the clinics have expanded rapidly and now consist of twelve Osteopaths, Massage and our state of the art Pilates Studio.

Shane has been a sessional tutor in the RMIT Osteopathic program from 1996-99 and from 1999-2004 has lectured technique to third year students. He has also held various roles in the Australian Osteopathic Association.

He has an interest in helping and improving the health of patients who are suffering from long term, chronic pain. This can include chronic spinal pain related to trauma, arthritis, disc pain and headaches such as migraine and tension headaches. His treatments try to encompass a ‘wholistic’ approach, taking into consideration life style factors, medication, other health issues (such as IBS, chronic fatigue etc), fitness and age.

Shane will use a wide range of gentle osteopathic techniques in your treatment including cranial osteopathy, a gentle form of Osteopathy that can be very effective with babies and the elderly.

Shane has developed into a ‘mamil’ and you will find him riding the mountains on the weekend, and can speak Italian fluently along with his wife and kids.