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Michael is a very experienced osteopath and and we have been fortunate to have him working at City Osteopathy for almost 20 years. Mike is a GREAT osteopath, he is empathetic, skilled and most importantly effective.
Michael began under the tutelage of Shane Heslop at RMIT University. From here he was able to manipulate Shane into giving him a job at City Osteopathy and Blackburn Osteopathy in 2004.

The clinic, his colleagues and more importantly, his patients are what keeps him here. He still loves trying to solve the curse of chronic pain, especially in the low back and those with constant headaches and migraines.

Michael was a tutor at RMIT, he worked at the Carlton Football Club for 5 years and treated the New Zealand All Blacks during the World Cup in Australia.

A Blairgowrie beach or a wintry weekend of watching his beloved Blues will always bring a smile to his face, although he is still in shock and slightly annoyed that Richmond has now clearly got the wood on them.

Click here to make an appointment with Michael at the Swanston Street clinic.