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After graduating in the UK in the 90’s, I remained in Europe, and worked and lectured extensively in Northern Italy.  Upon returning to Australia nearly 6 years ago with family, I’ve settled in Bayside and have worked at City Osteopathy since.  I am loving utilising my training and vast experience in Osteopathy in helping others return to normal.  Normal means where a patient should be, and that the pain they are feeling is most definitely not normal!

Treating and improving patients, often chronic issues, requires practice, awareness and concentration, and lots of experience.  If you have it, then you can treat successfully.  Success lies in finding the cause, and treating it efficiently and successfully.

I’ve a passion for helping out any chronic pain, long term movement disorders, post surgery issues and headaches via combining tried and tested techniques whilst sometimes improvising with the creation of new technique that are tailored for the patients presenting issue.

I work in the Swanston street clinic and you can also find me in Elwood and Kingston at a couple of other practices if you live Bayside.