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Pilates is practical. Pilates strengthens. Pilates aligns. Pilates enlivens. Pilates heals. Pilates inspires. Pilates changes lives.

More than just exercise, Pilates is a comprehensive form of assessment, diagnosis, and treatment that is specifically tailored to your needs and condition through a series of specific exercises for physical conditioning developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s.

At City Osteopathy, the independent pilates instructors offer one-on-one and one:two personalised, rehabilitative classes with our experienced, motivated and caring instructors.
The clinical Pilates classes are personalised with great care and attention to detail to ensure your needs are met.

We are proud of our experienced independent instructors who will offer you personalised rehabilitative clinical Pilates in individual or classes no larger than two people.
Meet the instructors here.

Osteopathy and Pilates in the clinical setting go hand in hand and City Osteopathy in Melbourne can provide you with the utmost in treatment and care with professionally tailored programs.

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