Work, Life Balance.

Not much said about this of late we have noticed. We agree its a bit of a ‘wanky’ term, but the inherent message is a good one.

One of our clinic directors at City Osteopathy, Melbourne Osteopath Dr Shane Heslop has just had a 9 day adventure holiday in NZ mountain bike riding in the wild west coast region of the South Coast. No mobiles, no roads, only helicopter extraction via sat phone if you muck up. SUPERB!! About 10-12 people were seen each day, either MTB riders or trampers. Most over 60, most semi retired. Most common comment? WORK IS OVERRATED!!

We love our work, but too many of us work too much and don’t value the important things. Check out ‘The Old Ghost Road’ MTB trail, its amazing!!

What can an Osteopath Located Near Me Do for My Well Being?

Image of a Man having chiropractic back adjustment

The demand for the services of chiropractors and osteopaths has been steadily rising in recent years. Although both disciplines are focused on improving physical well being through pain relief, their approaches are vastly different from one another.

In this article, we will discuss some of the similarities and differences between osteopathy and chiropractic medicine. Learning more about osteopathy and chiropractic medicine will help you decide on which professional to see, thus saving you money and providing you with the right set of treatments for long-term benefits.

First, we look at the similarities,

  • Chiropractors and osteopaths in Melbourne both treat musculoskeletal pain and discomfort.
  • Practitioners are required to acquire relevant qualifications in order for them to be  certified as competent in providing treatment to patients. Professionals in both fields are also required to undergo continuous training to provide first-class care to patients.

Is osteopathic manipulation the same as chiropractic?

As you can see, osteopaths and chiropractors both aim to provide relief to patients suffering from different musculoskeletal conditions. Understanding what sets them apart will help you in painting a clear picture of which treatment is best suited for your case:

  • Chiropractors can render relief from pain and discomfort by joint adjustments and manipulation of the spinal column as well as limbs. They often believe that the cause of pain is due to joint subluxations.
  • Osteopathy also relies on manual manipulation, but combine this with a huge amount of soft tissue mobilisation and gentle techniques aiming to reduce soft tissue tension which can impact onto joint health, we believe this allows our treatment to have longer standing effects. Our goal is to restore structural alignment and to reduce soft tissue tension to alleviate pain and enhance overall function of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Chiropractic treatment generally provides for shorter treatment times than Osteopathic treatment.  Longer treatment times allows your Osteopath to delve deeper into your problem and understand better your psycho emotional situation, your pain situation and to undertake more gentle, calm treatment options.

Now that you have some basic knowledge about the two disciplines, we hope that it will help you make a decision on whether osteopathy is the right treatment for you.


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Where to Find the Best Migraine Treatment in Melbourne?

Image of a Beautiful Young Woman Feeling Strong Head Pain

Migraines and headaches are some of the most debilitating conditions a human being can encounter. Almost 15% of the Australian population suffer from these medical conditions which result in low productivity, reduced sense of wellbeing and lots and lots of pain.

There are many treatment options available for getting rid of migraines and headaches. The field of osteopathy has its own treatment system that aims to alleviate migraine symptoms both in terms of intensity and frequency. In fact, osteopathy delivers a holistic and natural  option to treating migraines.

Osteopaths are chronic migraine experts

Spinal Manipulative Therapy  is one of the techniques of osteopathy that aims to treat the cause of headaches and migraine attacks, namely that related to your neck and spine. According to research, osteopathy can alleviate pain and discomfort caused by acute headache attacks and cervicogenic headaches.

The following osteopathy-based treatments can render good outcomes for patients:

To eliminate the pain and discomfort associated with a majority of headaches, hands-on manipulation techniques include:

  • Sub Occipital muscle decompression is an excellent intervention for migraine headaches. This technique involves the use of fingertips to stretch out the paraspinal tissues located at the base of the occiput.
  • Myofascial unwinding is an osteopathic solution that manually unwinds the fascia and tissues that interconnect into your neck, back and occiput.
  • The spasms caused by tension headaches can be significantly reduced through cervical massage of the paraspinal soft tissues.

Research has suggested manual therapy can be effective with chronic migraine and headache problems treated with manipulation and gentle muscular release techniques and may well have greater efficacy as popular headache medications which really only treat the symptoms, not the cause.  Although the effectiveness of manipulative treatments is less popular than the use of traditional headache medication, people are now leaning towards osteopathy for headache and migraine relief to avoid side-effects and for long-term cost effectiveness.


If you have migraine or frequent headache attacks and want to experience relief and optimal results, call us today on 03 9663 5450.

Dr Lyndon Clarke, summer in heaven!

Dr Lyndon Clarke osteopath, what an inspiration! Knowledge, Grace and Power Workshop – 2 weeks ago I went to a 3 day workshop in the beautiful rolling hills of the Yarra Valley.

It was guided by four facilitators that help you understand your emotions and ultimately harness love and connectedness instead of fear. Every day we stretched, meditated, did kundalini techniques, danced, and uncovered deeper sides to ourselves with role-play exercises. Not to mention ate divine and healthy spreads of food. We looked into deep belief systems that drive our behaviour, and formulated a vision of how we want to feel, as well as learning how to ‘check in’ with our emotions along the way. A beautiful experience. My parents sold their house in Healesville that I grew up in from the age of 7 (grade 2), so Australia day weekend we had a last hoorah with extended family. Here we went to TarraWarra Museum of Art on the outskirts of Healesville with my extended family, featuring Patricia Piccinini & Joy Hester. It was a quirky expression of love. Very appropriate considering my workshop and such a special last hoorah.

Dr Shane Heslop osteopath, summer in Tasmania

Tasmania in summer, AMAZING! Shane Heslop has been in Tazzie since Boxing Day staying in a lovely town called Cygnet, 45 min drive south of Hobart. Sitting down in the old town today, i learnt that Cygnet historically has had Catholic roots, hence having 3 pubs for such a small population compared to Huonville up the road with a Protestant history and only one pub yet a larger population.

Not sure what that meant but it was certainly important to the local explaining it! Cygnet is in the heart of the apple and cherry region, the trees are loaded with fruit, there are trendy cider outlets everywhere and the cherry’s being in season are large, sweet and cheap to buy. Yesterday we went to Hartz Peak, in the heart of the Huon Valley Wilderness. An amazing place indeed. Tasmania has created some amazingly curated, eco friendly walks and this would have to be one of the best. A pleasant 23 degrees in the Valley turned into a wild and woolly 9 degrees up high, so much so that our hoodies and shorts didnt cut it and we had to scamper back down! We hope you have all had a relaxing, rejuvenating and rewarding break and are as invigorated as we are for the start of the NY. If you require any help, come in and experience some chilled out, motivated osteopaths ready to help reduce your pain and improve your function.