Dr Bronwyn La Brooys Pilates Routines! – Hammies & Abs.

Our Melbourne Osteopath, Dr Bronwyn La Brooy is the Australia’s first Accredited Exercise Rehabilitative Osteopath!We are so proud of her and so lucky she is available in both our city clinics, AND our Pilates Studio.

Bronwyn is has done some short videos for our patients to follow some routines at homes whilst we are still part of COVID Lockdown 2.0.

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Can do with theraband around knees for bridges/Theraband in arms enganging shoulders for abs series.
Reps 10-15/Sets 2-3x
1. glute bridge.double legs. Progressions =
          – Alternating leg glute bridge (two feet on ground)
          – single leg glute bridge
2. toe taps. Progressions
          – dead bugs – toe taps + alternate arms/legs
          – 45 deg legs
          – double legs @45 degrees
          – double leg toe taps
Good Luck!

Creating Healthy Habits

Small breaks throughout your workday can have a huge positive effect on your body and mind. A great strategy to create regular breaks is time blocking, which involves scheduling pre-set periods of time for specific tasks.

For example, alternating 30-minute periods of sitting and standing followed by a 5 to 10-minute active movement break. Whilst you sit you may perform more productive, labour intensive work then alternate to standing when on a zoom call or responding to emails then take a short screen free break to move your body away from your workstation.

Time blocking your workday can help you work more efficiently, create more energy, break up screen time, prevent postural muscle fatigue and create a sense of balance throughout the day. The most important element is to create a schedule that suits you at the start of each day, so it is achievable and even flexible.

Movement during work breaks can include using a tennis ball or foam roller to release tight muscles, performing stretches, walking or exercising. Even involving breaks to take the mind away from work such as making meals, making a coffee or tea, evening hanging out the washing can help relax the mind, move the body and ultimately make you more productive when you return to work. Never underestimate the power of a mindful break!

Watch the video on our you tube channel on how to use a ball to release shoulder and neck muscle tension.

Check out City Osteopathy’s social media pages for more stretches and helpful tools to help you to feel better.  Our Melbourne Osteopath is working hard here in the CBD, we are still open, helping our community.


Dr Sarah Cust

Osteopath, City Osteopathy

Dr Bronwyn La Brooys Pilates Routines! – Glutes & Abs Routine

Our Melbourne Osteopath, Dr Bronwyn La Brooy is Australia’s first Accredited Exercise Rehabilitative Osteopath! We are so proud of her and so lucky she is available in both our city clinics, AND our Pilates Studio.

Bronwyn is has done some short videos for our patients to follow some routines at homes whilst we are still part of COVID Lockdown 2.0.

Check out our You Tube Channel!


– childs pose recovery between reps.
Reps 10-15/Sets 2-3x
1. bird dog
2. same side oblique crunch
          – can curl the back here for obliques
3. 4 pt kneel glute series
           – toe taps, tap foot to the ground and back to neutral (firing up glutes)
           – Donkey kick – neutral spine, leg extended, bend knee/flex heel, heel                  kick to sky
           – Side clam/fire extinguisher – neutral spine, bend knee, hip opening up
4. Hovers
5. Hover + slow mountain climber
            – lead with Lt leg / lead with Rt leg (out / out / in / in)
6. Knee plank + commandos
            – lead with Lt forearm / Lead with Rt forearm (down / down / up / up)
7. childs pose recovery.

ACL – acute knee injuries. Dr Dan Castellano has personal experience.

Just last week in the NFL two young stars of the competition ruptured the Anterior Cruciate Ligaments (ACL’s). Saquon Barkley and Nick Bosa who were both former #2 draft picks suffered the season ending knee injuries.
Just a couple of weeks ago in the AFL Western Bulldogs young gun Toby Mclean tore his ACL.
The initial prognosis for the recreational athlete is 12 months before returning to your pre level competition. However, for full time professional athletes they may try and target a 9 month return to competition.
There is an elevated risk of re-injuring the ACL with attempting to return to sport prior to 9 months. A recent study concluded that there is a 51% increased risk of re-injury to the ACL for every month prior to the 9 months.
Young athletes who returned to sport before 9 months post ACL reconstruction had a 3-7 x greater risk of a 2nd ACL injury compared to those athletes who completed 9 month of rehab.
The best advice you can receive when coming back from an ACL repair is to be patient. Even if you are feeling confident and comfortable post surgery it is essential to take your time.
It is essential to complete at least 9 months of rehab including plyometrics, agility training and sports specific training. You need to pass a series of strengthening tests and hop/landing tests. Then 1 month of normal contact training.

Get some Vit D whilst the sun is out…..

Spring has finally arrived and we have been blessed with some terrific weather. This has been a welcomed arrival for us Victorians in lockdown, to be able to get outdoors and get and do some exercise in warm weather. (Which has recently been lifted to 2 hours woo hoo, Cheers Dan)
Most of us are very familiar with the physical benefits of exercise such as improved cardiovascular (heart) Health and weight loss. But did you know that there are many psychological and emotional benefits for 30 minutes of exercise? A lot of these benefits come exercising assisting the body to release from the release of endorphins help to
Reducing stress and anxiety
Improving mood
Improving memory
These are critical components of our Mental and emotional help which can be boosted via exercise.
Se next time you’re questioning whether or not to go for that walk, ride or run. Just go outside, exercise and get some Vitamin D. Your will thank yourself for it later.

Dr Brons work from home Pilates Routines! – Theraband Arms

Dr Bronwyn La Brooy is the Australia’s first Accredited Exercise Rehabilitative Osteopath!  Very lucky to have her at City Osteopathy as well as in our Pilates Studio.

Theraband Arms. For Posture, Shoulder and Upper Back Pain.

A strong mid back will take all the pressure off the joints of the head and neck that can lead to headaches and migraines. These are also great at rehabbing a shoulder injury – to have a strong middle back. Best of all, you don’t need more than a can of chickpeas!

Check it out on our Youtube channel.

– ideally Yellow for beginner, Red intermediate, Blue advanced.
Can use hand weight/can of chickpeas/water bottle as your resistance.
Reps 10-15/Sets 2-3x
1. Sweep arm out to the side
2. Cross body
            – Holding arm out to the side, then cross body at 90 degrees
3. bicep curl
4. bent over rows
             – hinge from the hip with a neutral back, bring elbows behind you for a                 shoulder blade squeeze
5. triceps
             – On four point kneel, one hand holding the band, the other hand’s                        upper arm tucked into your side, using elbow as a hinge, swing                            backwards activating triceps.