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Remedial Massage therapy provides relief from tired, tense muscles, relieves pain, helps prevent injuries, assists muscle recovery and maintenance of  good soft tissue health. All in all, promotes general physical and mental wellbeing.

Massage therapists at City Osteopathy are fully qualified and are registered AAMT members, and offer several specialised types of massage to meet your needs.

Deep Tissue or Sports Massage can effectively release tight, overworked muscles associated with intense training. This will assist in recovery and importantly help reduce the build up of deep tissue tension that can lead to muscle strains and injury. Whatever your chosen sport is, the nature of exercise and training is that it causes strong muscular contractions that result in tight, and strong muscles. Muscles recover when you are at rest, but when this is often combined with long hours sitting at a desk, these muscles stay short and tight, rather than lengthened and relaxed. Regular therapy sessions will help to relieve the deep & tightened muscles associated with long hours sitting at a desk, and/or the effects of intense exercise.

Pregnancy Massage

We have specialised pregnancy pillows and equipment that allows pregnant women at any stage to lay comfortably on their front or side. This will enable your therapist to effectively massage your sore, tired muscles of the neck and back that is so common with pregnancy. Pregnancy massage can not only provide pain relief, but will assist with circulation, help relieve swelling and is completely safe.

Relaxation Massage

This more gentle form of massage is very popular and characterised by long sweeping strokes that affects your whole physical and emotional being. The result is relaxed muscles, aches eased, improved circulation, a calmed nervous system, and improved overall sense of wellbeing.