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Rohan Armstrong graduated in 1992 and has been working in private practice in Melbourne and overseas for over 23 years, including 2 years in the UK and a year with a touring dance company in the US as their personal Osteopath.

Over the years Rohan has continued to develop his strong interest in high performance working with many sporting groups and organisations including elite level athletes of many sports, professional dancers & performance artists. He currently works closely with the team of perfomers from the renowned Circus Oz.

Through both his own competitive experience,with football, sprinting and distance running combined with many years in practise, Rohan has a wide range of experience and skills with respect to sports injury & fitness, performance based activity, rehabilitation and conditioning.

Rohan is a keen runner and running coach who aims to help runners achieve their marathon dreams. He specialises in coaching athletes to improve their running technique & efficiency, and writes & manages personalised training programs for all levels. If you’re looking to get the most out of your running training program, or aiming for the marathon, then Rohan can help you at Run Well.

His other areas of interest include primal living, archetypal postures and barefoot walking & running. Rohan also directs and coaches the StKRunClub where he conducts running technique coaching clinics and courses, and takes a regular Friday morning running group at the Tan. Direct running enquiries can reach Rohan here.

Rohan also enjoys cycling daily to work, hiking, scuba diving, hanging with his little boys, Sonny & Duke and is a volunteer lifesaver with St.Kilda Life Saving Club.