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City Osteopathy is an association of independent osteopaths.  We are a large group of extremely experienced Osteopaths who work in our two Melbourne City clinics.  We offer same day appointments, HICAPS facilities, a 24/7 reception service and online booking in facilities.

Osteopathy is an extremely effective form of manual medicine that aims to restore the body’s musculoskeletal system to a state of balance. Osteopathy uses a unique system of diagnosis and treatment that emphasises the structural integrity of the body to treat many disorders that result in pain and dysfunction.

Osteopathy is different in that we have a unique way to assess and diagnose patients using a mechanical, postural and functional philosophy, and treatment using our hands on methods which are applied to suit the needs of the individual patient.

Osteopaths achieve excellent results via this hands on holistic approach, whereby the underlying cause of pain is sought after and treated accordingly, rather than just treating the symptoms. This is what sets Osteopathy apart.

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Osteopathic treatment, like that used by our osteopaths in Melbourne, are generally very gentle, and uses a wide range of techniques that are considered extremely safe. These can include gentle joint mobilisation, spinal manipulation, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, cranial therapy, dry needling, stretching and soft tissue massage. The objective of treatment is to return you to full and pain free mobility and function thus improving your tasks of everyday living, whatever that may be. As such this will typically include specific exercise prescription, postural, nutritional and lifestyle advice to maximise your treatment and recovery.

The World Health Organisation recognises the Osteopathic concept of somatic dysfunction (soma=body) as scientifically proven. Osteopathy is widely recognised worldwide as one of the most scientifically proven and effective ‘complementary’ therapies and you will often see an Osteopath by the side of many professional sporting teams, athletes and performers such as cyclists, tennis, football & Cirque de Soleil.

Current university training is five years full time that includes undergraduate and then Masters qualifications.


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