The Benefits of Clinical Pilates in Melbourne

image of Women doing pilates exercises lying on pilates workout machines while their trainer guides them

Clinical Pilates is a safe and effective rehabilitative treatment system that aims to meet the specific needs of patients. It treats a wide array of conditions and injuries; ranging from chronic back pain, hypermobility, postnatal musculoskeletal pain, to chronic fatigue syndrome among many others.

Clinical Pilates is commonly used by elite athletes, professional dancers, and even stay-at-home mothers to restore vital movement patterns as well as enhance overall fitness and performance. Also, Clinical Pilates is recommended as an ideal form of exercise for effective injury prevention and for promoting good posture.

Under the guidance of a skilled Osteopath or Pilates Teacher, Clinical Pilates aims to offer an effective and safe alternative system that targets specific areas to prevent injury, promote healing, and establish optimum mobility and function.


What is the difference between Clinical Pilates and Traditional Pilates?

Regular Pilates is often done in large classes up to 20 people, with no real supervision, it’s a bit like a workout class,  whilst a Clinical Pilates class has a rehabilitative focus, usually implemented under the close supervision of a suitably qualified professional like an Exercise Physiologist, Osteopath, Physiotherapist.  These practitioners possess a deeper understanding and knowledge of vital bodily functions, pathology, injuries, healing, and proper movement patterns.

Your Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or other practitioner  will be able to effectively treat patients suffering from serious injuries or have a history of medical conditions including osteoporosis and chronic back pain, with the help of Clinical Pilates. The exercises are essentially tailored to the individual needs of patients for a better outcome.


Benefits of Clinical Pilates in Melbourne:

• Enhanced body awareness and improved posture

Clinical Pilates centres on strengthening core muscles. A strong core assists in correcting posture as the body develops enhanced strength to support body weight for extended periods.

•   Helps in strengthening the lower abdominal and pelvic floor muscles

Prenatal Pilates is increasingly becoming popular among mothers who wish to maintain their core strength during pregnancy. Postnatal Pilates helps to re-strengthen the lower abdominals as well as re-establish the correct posture after childbirth and labour.

•    Improved Mobility For Elderly Patients

Clinical Pilates helps in enhancing movement, balance, flexibility, and agility among the elderly.

•    Tones Muscles

Clinical Pilates facilitates efficient muscle toning without adding bulk.


For more information about Clinical Pilates, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 03 9663 5450 today.

Dr Emily Mason, osteopathic pilates instructor at City Osteopathy takes a 6 week sabbatical treating in Mumbai.

One of our valued and dynamic melbourne pilates staff members, Dr Emily Mason, has been chosen to help treat people in the Indian city of Mumbai.

Emily Mason

Salt health solutions places osteopaths to help support a team of world-class Indian Orthopaedic surgeons in a sixteen-bed private arthroscopic sports medicine hospital. Those professionals contracted by SALT Health Solutions India have a diverse and extensive set of skills and experience.

We are extremely proud of Emily and expect her to come home with some wonderful new stories, new techniques and even more passion for helping rehabilitate our City Osteopathy patients.

Testicular cancer linked to men taking supplements….

Muscle-building supplements are under the spotlight again after the first study of its kind finds a possible link between the substances and testicular cancer. US researchers found that men who had taken supplements with the ingredients creatine or androstenedione were more likely to have developed testicular cancer than those who did not.


Hmmmm, interesting reading this one…..

We have updated our Osteopathic online booking system…

We have been working hard to improve our Osteopathic online booking systems for you as we realize it has been a bit ‘clunky’.  The main changes are

  • You can now login online with your own email and create your own personalised password.  Your computer/smart phone/tablet can also remember these login details so that you don’t have to keep entering them
  • Its optimized for your smartphone/tablet
  • And you can book into either clinic


Some Pilates wisdom from Kylie, our fab newly qualified Osteopath and experienced Pilates Practitioner!


Pilates is for every….body! It suits all body types.  I am not talking about the Pilates that you see at gym where everyone lies on a mat with arms and legs waving around like turtles that are stuck on their backs.  The Pilates that I believe can change lives is clinical Pilates.  There is no competition with the person next to you; the only competition is to better yourself.  From tradies with low back pain to office workers with upper back and neck pain, women pre and post natal and athletes recovering from injury – all are catered for and can be within one class.   All exercises are tailored to you.  This ensures you won’t be stuck in a class that is either too easy or beyond your level of ability.

Kylie S photo 1


If you require a Pilates Melbourne CBD practitioner or any further information about our clinical Pilates program at City Osteopathy or you have any questions about my journey with Pilates, please do not hesitate to contact me.