Our Vision


City Osteopathy began as a vision over twenty years ago when our two principal osteopaths, Dr Shane Heslop and Dr Rohan Armstrong finished their undergraduate osteopathic degree at RMIT. Both practitioners have since developed considerable experience both here and overseas, and have been lecturers and clinical tutors at undergraduate level university.  They have continually done further education and pride themselves on being some of the most experienced osteopaths in Melbourne.

We are well placed via our group of experienced, highly qualified osteopaths, our state of the art pilates studio, our myotherapy,  massage therapy and exercise rehabilitation skills, to offer you a complete wellbeing center.

City Osteopathy has been, and is committed to remaining, a long established centre for learning and development.  We run regular ongoing professional development sessions for our osteopaths, pilates instructors, myotherapists and massage therapists and for other professionals, and have tutored and employed many undergraduate students from both the RMIT and VUT  osteopathic courses.

Most of all, our vision is that we offer our patients an ethical, safe, effective and rewarding experience.

We hope that your experience whether it be with an osteopath, clinical pilates instructor or massage therapist at City Osteopathy is enriching and rewarding and that it reflects the complete dedication, professionalism and passion of all our practitioners and pilates instructors.