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Ergonomic Assessments



Is your workplace making you sick?

poor desk posture

At City Osteopathy, we can provide you with ergonomic advice and assessment to ensure that you are working in the best possible manner to prevent further injury. Whether you work at a desk, in a shop or on a factory line, sustained repetitive postures and activities have a profound effect on your body, and can cause muscular tension, postural strain and injury.

With the right treatment and advice we can not only help you recover from your injury but importantly, implement changes to your workplace and work related activity to help you recover, manage and prevent the onset of these injuries.

This can include advice on the equipment you use, such as task chairs and desks but also advice on how to prevent potential postural strain with customised exercises and movements that specifically address the issues associated with your complaint or injury.

Your Assessment Options:

The assessment can be tailored to suit the individual or team of workers, depending on the required detail and nature of the evaluation.

1. Standard Ergonomic Assessment

Depending on the number of workers, the assessment involves 15-30 minutes of workstation examination and a standard individual report. This report is based on:

  • Pre-Evaluation Questionnaire and Consent Form
  • Basic workstation evaluation
  • Photographic imagery where necessary
  • Recommendations to reduce further strain

2. Detailed Ergonomic Assessment

An individual Ergonomic Assessment, generally requiring around 45-60 minutes, which involves a detailed report. The report is based on:

  • Pre-Evaluation Questionnaire and Consent Form
  • History taking/interview
  • Workplace evaluation
  • Postural assessment for the workstation
  • Photographic imagery where necessary
  • Recommendation and identification of potential strain or injury risks
  • Exercise or stretching regime where necessary

All Ergonomic Assessments involve a Pre-Evaluation Questionnaire and Consent Form from the appropriate parties and stakeholders involved. Additional consultation with the appropriate parties, representatives or employer may also be required for assessment and report delivery.

Further advice where necessary can be incorporated, which involves the suggested equipment or specific office furniture from reputable and valuable company sources.

If you would like to enquire about Ergonomic Assessment, prices and availability, please contact Rohan at

So if you’re suffering from any workplace ailment, like neck pain, Melbourne clients have found great treatment outcomes with the City Osteopathy team. Make an appointment here.