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About City Osteopathy, Melbourne.

City Osteopathy is a leading osteopathic business based in the CBD of Melbourne City.  We have two separate clinics in the CBD and a beautiful Pilates Studio.

With over 25 years experience each, our principal osteopaths and owners of the two clinics are Dr Shane Heslop and Dr Rohan Armstrong.  The osteopathic team is a group of independent contractor osteopaths who consult in both clinics, and care deeply about helping their patients to understand, manage and find relief from pain and discomfort.

Back Pain – Osteopaths in Melbourne

We have dedicated multi-modal Osteopathic clinics in Melbourne’s CBD (Collins St in the Paris End and Queen St) and a state of the art Pilates studio, which is overseen by the highly qualified Dr Bronwyn La Brooy, who is the only qualified exercise rehabilitative osteopath in Australia! The Pilates instructors are also osteopaths, so you get a very qualified instructor who understands your rehabilitative needs.

We have a particular interest in the treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries and we use the latest research to assess and diagnose alignment issues and improve your sporting output and efficiency.

We also help to find relief for everything from:

We assess, manage and improve your pain, and provide education for further prevention of pain or injuries.

The diverse team of Osteopaths and Pilates instructors in Melbourne offers an ethical, professional and results driven experience. We conduct professional education and training within the clinics. The osteopaths all have professional indemnity, actively engage in post-graduate studies and maintain membership with the Australian Osteopathic Association.

What is Osteopathy?

Towards the end of the 19th Century, Osteopathy emerged as a type of complementary manual medicine. It is grounded in the way the body functions as a holistic unit.

Rather than treating symptoms in isolation and applying cookie-cutter treatments, our Melbourne osteopaths  look at the way our bodies function as whole, holistic units. In order to improve wellbeing, we decipher each patient’s specific individual needs and physiology.

“Osteopathy is a search for communication and cooperation with the natural laws of healing.” – James S. Jealous

How does Osteopathy help back pain?

Evidence shows that osteopathy treatment can help relieve back and neck pain, headaches and other musculo-skeletal complaints.

The osteopaths will help you to develop an action plan (including prevention techniques) to treat and manage your pain, improve joint mobility, circulation, and tension, which go right back to the sources of pain, whether sitting, heavy lifting or insufficient flexibility.

As osteopaths, we understand the body’s need for movement done right. We help reduce pain and prevent further damage by giving you the tools for well-being, including simple effective exercises.

If you’re experiencing back pain Melbourne, you’re in good hands at City Osteopathy!

“To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease.” – A.T. Still, MD


Melbourne Back Clinic


Collins Street Clinic: Suite 2, Level 5, 15 Collins Street

Queen Street Clinic: Suite 4, Level 5, 131 Queen Street

Phone (03) 9663 5450

Opening Hours Mon – Fri 8:00 – 19:00

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