The low down on standing desks…

standing desksA growing body of research suggests too much sitting increases the risk of developing diseases including heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It may even cause premature death. The good news is that being physically active offers some protection against the harms of sitting; research shows standing or replacing sitting time with the activities of daily living (such as housework, gardening, or walking) could reduce the health risks posed by too much sitting.

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Fibromyalgia now considered to be a lifelong central nervous system disorder…

Fibromyalgia is the second most common rheumatic disorder behind osteoarthritis and, though still widely misunderstood, is now considered to be a lifelong central nervous system disorder, which is responsible for amplified pain that shoots through the body in those who suffer from it.   Our Melbourne Osteopaths can help relieve your pain and improve your function, we have seen many Fibromyalgia pain patients.

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Love Bikes? Come visit our mad keen bike riders at City Osteopathy….

Yep, the Tour has come and gone unfortunately. Team Orica Green Edge were in form, until the wet roads of Belgium created carnage!

If you have any bike riding injuries, you have two mad keen bike riders in both our Queen and Swanston st Clinics.  Our Melbourne CBD Osteopaths, Drew Blatchford has been busy doing his MTB events and Shane Heslop has just finished his attack on the Italian Alps and Dolomites, the highest and steepest roads in Europe! See the Stelvio below, one of the most iconic bike rides in the world situated in the Italian Dolomite mountains…

stelvio bike photo


A new, DRUG FREE way to treat inflammation and diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis?

In this extremely interesting article, a neurosurgeon, Dr Kevin Tracey from the Finkelstein Institute has discovered a very measurable link between stimulating the vagus nerve (massively important nerve in the top part of your neck), and markedly reducing whole body inflammation.  This is very interesting to Osteopaths as it is  something proposed by our forebears over a hundred years ago!  Come in and talk to your Melbourne Osteopath at City Osteopathy about this fascinating research and click on the link to learn more….

vagus nerve and rheumatoid arthritis


Three Osteopathic Tips for Runners

Osteopath Melbourne CBDWhether you do it simply for exercise, or you’re trying to build up your abilities and stamina towards achieving a personal goal like completing a marathon, running is simply a fantastic hobby to adopt. But like a lot of physical activities, if you approach it without the proper knowledge, you can end up not receiving the full benefits of the exercise, while also raising the potential to do yourself some significant harm.

With our tips below, you’ll be able to improve your running habit, as well as enhance its benefits to your overall lifestyle.


Does Paracetamol help back pain?

Written by Dr Shane Heslop

2nd August 2014


According to the FIRST study to come out regards back pain and Paracetamol, the answer is a convincing NO!

Standard medical advice when you have back pain is to keep moving and take pain killers.  The standard medication to use has become Panadol following on from the known side effects of taking NSAIDs (Anti Inflammatories).

Unbelievably, we are now told that there has NEVER been a proper controlled study to assess the effectiveness of Paracetamol and back pain!  And now that one has been done by researchers in Sydney, and published  in the prestigious Lancet journal, shows that it has no effect on aiding recovery, or reducing the back pain.  Its effect in essence was exactly the same as placebo.  Read more with this link……

Please, if you are experiencing back pain, come in and get expert advice and treatment from our large group of experienced Melbourne Osteopaths here at City Osteopathy…:) We keep up to date with all the latest techniques, rehab and research and will always inform, educate and empower our patients recovery from this complex issue.