Melbourne Osteopathic Clinic FAQs

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Have you sought professional help from many specialists, but have not experienced relief from your pain? Perhaps it’s the right time to see an osteopath.

If you’re looking for an osteopath, here are tips on how to choose the best one in Melbourne City.


  • Do they really practice osteopathy?

Osteopathy is one of the fastest growing complementary medical fields in Australia. The Osteopathy Board of Australia (OBA) is a regulatory organisation for osteopathic professionals in the country. OBA provides endorsements when it comes to recognised and defined areas of osteopathy. Although OBA does not define scope of practice, they provide accreditation for osteopaths who want to practice their field not only in Melbourne, but all across Australia.

An osteopath practicing in Melbourne should have completed the necessary coursework for their field of complementary medicine. High standards set by the Osteopathy Board of Australia verify the education level of osteopathic professionals as well as establish professional standards and ongoing skills development of practitioners.

Verify the status of an osteopath simply by calling OBA or the Australian Osteopathic Association to ensure that you are getting the best possible care and treatment.


  • The focus of osteopaths

There is variety and complexity in the practice of osteopathy in Australia. As there are different skill sets and techniques that osteopathic professionals specialise in, it is imperative for patients to know which techniques they need to treat their complaints.

For instance, structural osteopaths focus on addressing patient complaints by physical manipulation designed to mobilise joints, stretch muscles and modify movement patterns.

Cranial osteopathy, on the other hand, involves the use of a highly-developed sense of touch to identify changes in tension and tissue quality.


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How to Choose the Best Osteopath in Melbourne

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If you want long-term relief from the aches and discomfort that has been bothering you for awhile, you need to choose the best Osteopath that Melbourne offers. Here are valuable tips that will help you select an osteopath that can help relieve your pain.


  • Educational Background

Although growing in popularity, osteopathic medicine is still a small niche in the complementary medicine field. To ensure that you are getting the best care possible, it’s only proper that we ask the right questions. The first item that needs to be verified is educational qualifications of the practitioner.

Osteopaths in Melbourne should have completed a degree in clinical sciences with a major in osteopathic studies at an accredited university. This four-year course is then followed by a postgraduate qualification in osteopathy. Some osteopaths also have double degree majors in health science and osteopathy. Having acquired these qualifications, aspiring osteopaths need to apply with the Osteopathy Board of Australia to be registered to work in Melbourne.


  • Execution of vital osteopathy tasks

The major task of an osteopath is to identify the cause and nature of disorders/dysfunctions in the musculoskeletal and nervous system. Osteopaths assist in mobilising joints and changing movement as well as adjusting spinal columns. In addition, osteopaths also provide recommendations on exercises as well as other activities that may contribute to providing relief to patients who are in pain.


Is an osteopath safe?

Provided that you go to the best osteopaths in Melbourne, you are in good hands. As osteopaths have the know-how in delivering non-invasive treatments to patients, they are generally safe to work with.


Here are other safe duties and tasks for osteopaths in Melbourne:

  • Provide recommendations on sleep, nutrition, exercises, and stress management.
  • Refer patients to general medical practitioners or specialists when necessary.
  • Detection of physical abnormalities.
  • Analyses and evaluations in the functioning of the nervous system, spine and musculoskeletal system.


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The Top 6 Common Conditions Treated by Melbourne Osteopathy Practitioners

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The aim of osteopathy is to provide treatment in a non-invasive, drug-free manner. The complementary therapies for osteopathy were designed to elevate overall health through manual manipulation, strengthening and conditioning of the entire musculo-skeletal system.


What is osteopathy?


Similar to chiropractic treatment, osteopathy mainly involves both diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions taking into context any medical issues that may need referral for.. Osteopaths need to undergo years of coursework in order to be qualified and licensed to provide treatment to patients.


Osteopathy is a field of complementary medicine that treats a large variety of conditions. In recent years, it is the most preferred treatment for musculoskeletal disorders as well as pain relief and discomfort in localised regions such as in the head, neck, shoulders, back and feet.


Osteopathy treatment is just one of the many interventions for a patient. It serves as a complementary treatment that helps boost the efficacy and potency of other conventional medical interventions.


What does a Melbourne osteopath do?


An osteopath is focused on delivering relief to problem regions of the spine, muscles, and joints. The “hands-on” approach followed in osteopathy aims to improve these following aspects:


  • Circulation in problem areas to provide relief, reduce stasis and improve fluid flow.
  • Alleviate or reduce alignment or biomechanical stresses and strains without the use of prescription drugs.


Some of the most common manual techniques used in osteopath clinics in Melbourne and Eastern suburbs are collectively known as osteopathic manipulative medicine which includes resistance, gentle pressure and stretching just to name a few.


Osteopathic Therapy Indications


The most common conditions that are treated by osteopath physicians in Melbourne City are as follows:


  • Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow
  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica pain
  • Postural problems caused by pregnancy, sports-related injuries, driving and sporting issues
  • Neuralgia
  • Hand, shoulder, and elbow pain

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What Goes On Inside a Melbourne Osteopathy Clinic Near Me?

Osteopathy is a field of complementary medicine that involves the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of musculoskeletal conditions. Unlike traditional medical therapies, the best osteopaths in Melbourne skillfully utilise manual techniques to treat common conditions such as back pain, shoulder pain, postural problems and more serious conditions such as arthritis, neuralgia and sciatica pain, just to name a few.


Who needs to visit an osteopath in Melbourne CBD?


Osteopathy caters to musculoskeletal conditions that affect both young and old patients. Pregnant women, blue collar workers, white-collar professionals, as well as athletes can use the manual or touch therapies offered by osteopath clinics in Melbourne City.


What are the things that happen during your visit to a Melbourne Osteopathy Near You?


Before you seek treatment at an osteopath clinic in South Melbourne, make sure to check the following:


  • Visit a licensed osteopath accredited by Osteopathy Australia, formerly known as Australian Osteopathic Association
  • Ask regards their education, skills training, make sure it is up to date and relevant to you.. This is to ensure that you are getting the right level of osteopathic treatment and care from your chosen professional.
  • An initial visit to the best osteopath in Melbourne will be for a consultation. A thorough assessment will be held in order for the osteopathic doctor to come up with a comprehensive hands-on treatment regimen.
  • After the consultation, there will be a thorough physical examination of the patient to create a proper and accurate diagnosis. The osteopathic doctor will then request patients to perform movements and simple stretches to come up with an accurate diagnosis of his/her condition.
  • After the assessment, diagnosis and evaluation, a skilled osteopath will formulate a customised treatment plan that will provide relief from pain and discomfort as well as reduce the occurrence of symptoms altogether.


How much do osteopathy therapies cost in Melbourne City?


The cost of osteopathy visits depend on various factors such as location, level of expertise of  an osteopathy physician, and the condition they are suffering from. You should ask your insurance company if osteopathy is covered by your policy or otherwise.

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The Best Osteopath in Melbourne – Their Similarities and Differences to Chiropractors

image of a Chiropractor doing pushing motion to adjust backThe growing popularity of osteopathy in the country has made many people curious of what its advantages over chiropractic can be. Chiropractors have typically been more sought after for muscle and spinal pain  relief, but an increasing number of people and wellness professionals reveal that osteopathy may actually deliver more lasting pain relief in the case of muscle aches and pains.

Is there any truth to claims that osteopathy is far more powerful than chiropractic medicine? This article will help provide an understanding of osteopathy ,as well as its differences and similarities to chiropractic medicine.

Why are osteopathic doctors not as popular as chiropractors?

The mainstream popularity of chiropractic medicine can be attributed to the consistently aggressive marketing approach of chiropractors. Through the years, chiropractors have slowly established a positive reputation as a reliable and effective discipline in the treatment of muscle conditions and spinal problems.

On the other hand, osteopaths have been more conservative in their approach of bringing their discipline to mainstream awareness. In recent years however, osteopathic medicine has been enjoying immense popularity due to its equally reliable and powerful treatment strategies.

What are the similarities between osteopathy and chiropractic medicine?

For one, chiropractic medicine and osteopathy share the same objectives in the treatment of spinal problems. These two alternative medical disciplines both believe in the importance of good and its contribution to excellent overall health and wellness.

Chiropractors and osteopaths can diagnose spinal conditions by utilising palpation and visual inspection, too.

What are the differences between osteopathy and chiropractic treatment?

In the case of patient diagnosis, chiropractors mostly base their diagnosis from checking out x-ray results. On the other hand, osteopathic doctors mostly rely on visual inspection and palpation to come up with a diagnosis.

Duration of treatment also varies between these two disciplines. Whilst a chiropractor may require patients to visit them as often as they can, typically, osteopaths will only need one to two treatments to fix cases of most patients. Chiropractors typically require patients to sign up for a 12 to 24-session treatment to treat conditions as minor as lower back pain. With this in mind, it is quite apparent that osteopathy delivers long-term results with only a few sessions thus saving patients a lot of money.

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Osteopathy for Back Pain- Reasons Why You Should Try Out Osteopathic Treatment For Pain Relief

image of a young woman in back pain discomfortOsteopathy always attempts to provide the relief that you’ve always wanted for your chronic back pain. You may have tried several treatments in the past including going to a chiropractor or physiotherapist. Although their services may have given you relief from your back pain woes, the pain-free results may sometimes be temporary in nature. If you want lasting relief from back pain, we highly encourage you to try out osteopathy for your back pain problems.

What is Osteopathy in the first place?

Osteopathy refers to the system of assessment, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of problems that affect movement of muscles and joints. Primarily, osteopathy showcases the benefits of applying the principles of mobilisation, massage, and stretching exercises for the treatment of musculoskeletal problems.

Although categorised as an alternative field of medicine, osteopathy has helped millions of people in treating problems of the joints, muscles and bones.

Why osteopathy?

One major benefit of obtaining the services of an osteopath is that they aim to offer permanent back pain relief without placing you under the knife or other forms of invasive treatment systems.

Osteopathic medicine makes use of manual therapy in treating pain and fixing problems of the musculoskeletal system. The treatment is geared towards assisting the body in its healing process through non-invasive, drug-free and hands-on alternative methods.


If you are experiencing back pain, an osteopath will be able to give you treatment alternatives that will not only relieve pain, but also provide the following added benefits:

  • Enhance overall elasticity of tissues of the back region
  • Release muscle tension that may result in more back pain
  • Increase the mobility and movement of joints and muscles
  • Increase or enhance the overall blood flow to the back region

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