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Our Melbourne Osteopath, Dr Bronwyn La Brooy is the Australia’s first Accredited Exercise Rehabilitative Osteopath!We are so proud of her and so lucky she is available in both our city clinics, AND our Pilates Studio.

Bronwyn is has done some short videos for our patients to follow some routines at homes whilst we are still part of COVID Lockdown 2.0.

Check out our You Tube Channel


Can do with theraband around knees for bridges/Theraband in arms enganging shoulders for abs series.
Reps 10-15/Sets 2-3x
1. glute bridge.double legs. Progressions =
          – Alternating leg glute bridge (two feet on ground)
          – single leg glute bridge
2. toe taps. Progressions
          – dead bugs – toe taps + alternate arms/legs
          – 45 deg legs
          – double legs @45 degrees
          – double leg toe taps
Good Luck!