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Pilates Classes in Melbourne

Clinical Pilates classes are available ONLY in either Solo (1:1),  or Group (max 2:1) formats.  Hence it is clinically directed towards your particular needs, whether thats for rehabilitiation or for improving function.

All of the classes are conducted in our state of the art Pilates Studio in Melbourne with experienced independent  instructors.  Our instructors are all Osteopaths who have done further training in Pilates, hence you are getting a very experienced practitioner taking you through your program.

All clients are required to attend an Initial Private Consultation to enable an effective program design. Current posture and movement patterns as well as any previous injury or recurring injuries will be assessed at this time.

If you are new to the Pilates method you will require a further Solo class to consolidate Pilates vocabulary, technique and begin to work on your newly developed program, before moving to a Group class. The group classes are limited to a maximum of 2 people in order to ensure you are given greater specific attention with your program.

Duration of all Classes is 45 minutes.

Email us on  for any information you require about our targeted, rehab clinical pilates studio.

How Can I Book?

Because the pilates instructors offer such a personalised pilates experience, the best way to contact us and make a booking is via email at  One of our instructors will get back to you on the day and help to work out your needs, and what will work best for you in our studio.


Payment is required on the day, its easy with our EFTPOS/credit facilities.

“It is the mind itself, that builds the body” –       Joseph Pilates