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Our Melbourne Osteopath, Dr Bronwyn La Brooy is the Australia’s first Accredited Exercise Rehabilitative Osteopath!We are so proud of her and so lucky she is available in both our city clinics, AND our Pilates Studio.

Bronwyn is has done some short videos for our patients to follow some routines at homes whilst we are still part of COVID Lockdown 2.0.


These exercises are great for building leg strength, if you’ve taken up cycling or running over ISO, or have low back pain, hip pain or a lower limb injury, these are wonderful to help “globally” strengthen your lower limb and “core.” Strong through the trunk helps hold us upright at the desk as well!
Each round should take 3-4 minutes to complete. You can make things harder by using a theraband around your legs, but trust me, they are also hard enough without the bands!!


Can use theraband around the leg to make it harder. can also add in “running arms” with a hand weight for added coordination/balance, making more specific to running/sporting actions
Reps 10-15/Sets 2-3x. 
Standing leg mini squat position is our set up.
1. “The nutbush”
           – leg out to the side
           – leg diagonally back
           – leg circles
2. hip hinges/tippy bird
           – tilting from the hip, standing leg is a touch straighter here but still bent.                sliding the leg forward and back.
3. static lunges
            – have feet about 1m apart, toes facing forward
4. lunge pulse
            – Hold this position moving up and inch/down an inch. Feel that burn, its over quickly!

Dr Bronwyn La Brooy

City Osteopathy

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