Osteopathy for Back Pain Problems – Here’s What You Need to Know

Image of a young woman with back pain sitting on the bed at home

Are you looking for the best treatment for your chronic back pain? It’s time to stop ignoring this unbearable symptom and visit an osteopath for proper treatment. Utilising the science AND art of osteopathy in back pain management is becoming increasingly popular. Even those who typically seek chiropractic services now lean towards osteopathy for effective and quick  pain relief.

How can osteopathy treat back pain issues?

In essence, osteopathy is a discipline that focuses on the detection, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of joints, soft tissues, and muscle conditions with the use of massage therapy, stretching exercises, mobilisation, and movement techniques. It is considered an alternative or complementary medical discipline and is included as part of more comprehensive treatment.

Osteopath exercise for lower back pain has been proven to be effective in that it specifically treats the problem at hand. The manual therapy involves proper alignment of the musculoskeletal system resulting in immediate healing from injury or trauma. It is a non-invasive, drug-free therapy that has minimal side effects, so you can resume doing activities you were accustomed to prior to back pain symptoms.

What are the standard treatment strategies for lower back pain?

Osteopaths can take a more holistic approach to treatment of lower back pain when compared to some Chiropractors.. Here are some of the most common techniques that are used to deliver back pain relief.

  • Muscle energy technique
  • Cranial osteopathy
  • Spinal manipulation
  • Massage

Besides lower back pain, osteopathy techniques provided above treat the following conditions, too:

  • Pregnancy-related back pain
  • Sciatica pain
  • Rheumatic pain
  • Joint pain
  • Generalised aches and pains
  • Postural issues
  • Mechanical back pain
  • Neck and shoulder pain

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Pilates bridge

Ever wondered how to do a Pilates Bridge?  Most people do a bridge the way they learned at gym, ie hold for as long as you can, use your bracing abdominal muscles and your large glutes.  This is ok, but it doesn’t do much for your core muscles that help to PROTECT your low back in particular.

Check out this video from our You Tube channel at City Osteopathy and learn how to do it properly from a low back rehab angle.

Dr Bronwyn La Brooy and Dr Clair Hurst do a great job of explaining this very clearly!

Have a look at our You Tube channel, we add videos to this every couple of weeks.

Our experienced Melbourne osteopath Mike’s 5 tips for better low back care!

Top 5 Tips to Better Back Care

Dr Michael Santamaria, Melbourne Osteopath at City Osteopathy

Back pain, especially low back pain, is by far the most common complaint our Melbourne Osteopath’s see. Almost every Australian will experience some form of back pain in their lifetime. Many low back pain episodes are avoidable. There are simple habits you can adopt to reduce your risk of a flare-up and keep you out of our clinic!


  1. Reduce the amount of time you are seated.The more you sit, the less your core muscles are switched on and that means less back support. It also increases compressive load onto your low back. When this happens your joints and discs are asked to do a lot more of the work and often these strain as a result. So get up, walk around, walk at lunchtime or even better, get a Sit-Stand Desk that is electronically controlled.
  2. Strengthen your gluts.It’s not very osteopathic just to single out one muscle to save us all, but the gluteal muscles are just so important for pelvic and low back stability. Simple “bridges” or “clams” are so effective in strengthening your gluts. See exercises, the ‘clam’ is easier without a band and still effective but the band obviously increases the difficulty.

  1. Exercise.This is obvious, and it will vary for different people. But if you exercise, your core muscles are engaged and this is key to supporting your low back. Walking or gentle exercise such as swimming or bike riding are brilliant. Many patients do Pilates or Yoga, which is great, but many of us don’t have the money or the time to keep doing that, so just get out and walk for 20 minutes every night instead.
  2. Avoid heavy lifting.Another very obvious rule, but it is amazing how many people come into us saying, “I know I shouldn’t have done it, but I just needed to move that large pot plant/chest of drawers/box of wine out of the car…” Just get someone to help you. Get to know your neighbours, ask them to help out for 1 minute. Patients can end up getting months of treatment for one silly lifting injury.
  3. Drive less. Driving is one of the worst things for your back. Two reasons.  One you are sitting in a position that is unergonomic with your right leg outstretched and rotated on the accelerator. This puts traction stress onto your back whilst you are sitting.  And the vibration from the road puts pressure onto your low back and its discs whilst in a compromising position.  Ask someone that has had back pain, they all hate driving!

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How to Prevent and Heal Sports Injuries in Melbourne

Image of an Osteopath for Sports Injuries

Osteopathy for sports is fast becoming a popular trend among athletes. To enhance one’s prowess, an athlete needs to be of sound mind and body. No matter how skilled you are in your chosen field, injuries and accidents can destroy what you’ve been working hard for several years,, in a snap.

Fortunately osteopathy services from licensed osteoapths in Melbourne CBD are not in short supply. The increasing demand for healthy and natural healing alternatives has boosted the popularity of osteopathy among athletes.

How does osteopathy make you a better athlete?

Osteopathy delivers two main functions:

  • Prevention
  • Injury treatment and management

Attending regular weekly sessions at  City Osteopathy can improve performance over time. An athlete’s skillset is his or her source of livelihood. Athletes therefore place high value on the quality preventative care to ensure they are able to perform at their peak at all times.

Treatment of Sports Injuries through Effective Collaboration

Sports injuries can be minor such as in the case of sprains, or can be extremely debilitating such as in the case of broken bones and ligaments. Sports doctors, osteopaths, and physiotherapists come together to create a comprehensive care plan that includes prevention of injuries, early detection of problems, prompt treatment, and rehabilitation to name a few. Establishing connections with these healthcare professionals narrows the gap between an athlete and the injuries that commonly plague the sports industry.

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Here are Reasons Why Athletes Do Visit Melbourne Osteopathic Clinics

image of a Patient recovering in hospital after injury trauma

Elite athletes as well as individuals leading active lives find it beneficial to visit City Osteopathy. Besides pain relief and increased comfort, osteopathy enhances  the physical performance of athletes who undergo rigorous training and also individuals who occasionally dabble in physical activities.

Are osteopaths only for athletes?

You don’t need to be an athlete to take advantage of the services rendered by the best osteopaths in Melbourne.  If you participate in demanding physical activities due to job requirements or for recreational reasons, you should give osteopathy a try.

Other reasons for obtaining osteopathy services from a Melbourne-based osteopath are limited joint mobility, muscle and ligament pain and any back issues.

Can osteopathy be used as injury prevention and minimise ongoing issues?

Osteopathy is a field of manual medicine which can be used as preventive management and is beneficial in a number of situations:

  • If you’re an athlete who wants to maintain great shape and function throughout the season, we highly recommend visiting an osteopath on a regular basis. Sessions with your therapist will help in reducing the risk of injuries and damage.
  • Rehab exercises and increased movement obtained from osteopathy sessions help to prepare the body for rigorous physical activities. These improvements can increase overall power, increase range of motion, enhance flexibility and improve overall respiratory capabilities.
  • After a game or intense physical exertion, osteopathic medicine or therapy alleviates pain related to sprain, alignment issues, traumas, and overuse.

A visit to an osteopathy practitioner can help you reach your performance goals as an athlete. Osteopathy in Melbourne serves as effective prevention therapy to reduce the risk for injuries  among athletes at the pre-game stage and assists in fast recuperation of the body from damage, trauma, and injuries which may result during or after the game.

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