Where to Find the Best Migraine Treatment in Melbourne?

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Migraines and headaches are some of the most debilitating conditions a human being can encounter. Almost 15% of the Australian population suffer from these medical conditions which result in low productivity, reduced sense of wellbeing and lots and lots of pain.

There are many treatment options available for getting rid of migraines and headaches. The field of osteopathy has its own treatment system that aims to alleviate migraine symptoms both in terms of intensity and frequency. In fact, osteopathy delivers a holistic and natural  option to treating migraines.

Osteopaths are chronic migraine experts

Spinal Manipulative Therapy  is one of the techniques of osteopathy that aims to treat the cause of headaches and migraine attacks, namely that related to your neck and spine. According to research, osteopathy can alleviate pain and discomfort caused by acute headache attacks and cervicogenic headaches.

The following osteopathy-based treatments can render good outcomes for patients:

To eliminate the pain and discomfort associated with a majority of headaches, hands-on manipulation techniques include:

  • Sub Occipital muscle decompression is an excellent intervention for migraine headaches. This technique involves the use of fingertips to stretch out the paraspinal tissues located at the base of the occiput.
  • Myofascial unwinding is an osteopathic solution that manually unwinds the fascia and tissues that interconnect into your neck, back and occiput.
  • The spasms caused by tension headaches can be significantly reduced through cervical massage of the paraspinal soft tissues.

Research has suggested manual therapy can be effective with chronic migraine and headache problems treated with manipulation and gentle muscular release techniques and may well have greater efficacy as popular headache medications which really only treat the symptoms, not the cause.  Although the effectiveness of manipulative treatments is less popular than the use of traditional headache medication, people are now leaning towards osteopathy for headache and migraine relief to avoid side-effects and for long-term cost effectiveness.


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What Goes On Inside a Melbourne Osteopathy Clinic Near Me?

Osteopathy is a field of complementary medicine that involves the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of musculoskeletal conditions. Unlike traditional medical therapies, the best osteopaths in Melbourne skillfully utilise manual techniques to treat common conditions such as back pain, shoulder pain, postural problems and more serious conditions such as arthritis, neuralgia and sciatica pain, just to name a few.


Who needs to visit an osteopath in Melbourne CBD?


Osteopathy caters to musculoskeletal conditions that affect both young and old patients. Pregnant women, blue collar workers, white-collar professionals, as well as athletes can use the manual or touch therapies offered by osteopath clinics in Melbourne City.


What are the things that happen during your visit to a Melbourne Osteopathy Near You?


Before you seek treatment at an osteopath clinic in South Melbourne, make sure to check the following:


  • Visit a licensed osteopath accredited by Osteopathy Australia, formerly known as Australian Osteopathic Association
  • Ask regards their education, skills training, make sure it is up to date and relevant to you.. This is to ensure that you are getting the right level of osteopathic treatment and care from your chosen professional.
  • An initial visit to the best osteopath in Melbourne will be for a consultation. A thorough assessment will be held in order for the osteopathic doctor to come up with a comprehensive hands-on treatment regimen.
  • After the consultation, there will be a thorough physical examination of the patient to create a proper and accurate diagnosis. The osteopathic doctor will then request patients to perform movements and simple stretches to come up with an accurate diagnosis of his/her condition.
  • After the assessment, diagnosis and evaluation, a skilled osteopath will formulate a customised treatment plan that will provide relief from pain and discomfort as well as reduce the occurrence of symptoms altogether.


How much do osteopathy therapies cost in Melbourne City?


The cost of osteopathy visits depend on various factors such as location, level of expertise of  an osteopathy physician, and the condition they are suffering from. You should ask your insurance company if osteopathy is covered by your policy or otherwise.

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Migraine Headache Relief And Prevention

image oa a beautiful woman has headache and injuryMigraine headache relief is sought by thousands of people who have been suffering from  long term headaches, especially when the condition becomes so severe and intense that one can experience symptoms like an unbearable pounding in the temples, vice like tension and pin point searing pain.

It is therefore important to know the symptoms of both headaches and migraines to get proper treatment and intervention. This will stop these head-splitting conditions from causing more discomfort to you.

The Different Types of Headache

Various types of pain as well as neurological disorders typically accompany migraine attacks. The symptoms range from nausea to speech disturbances along with other unpleasant sensations.  The good news is that there is no shortage of headache treatment centres in Melbourne. Some clinics even specialise and focus on specific types of headaches. For instance, cluster headache specialists are professionals who diagnose, treat, and prevent cluster headaches among Melbourne patients.

Aside from familiarising yourself with natural migraine headache relief solutions, it is important to identify common triggers that cause migraine attacks.  For instance eliminating or reducing stress, discovering food and chemical triggers and postural issues are some of the simplest and natural ways of migraine headache relief.

Migraine Headache Relief or Prevention?

Many people with migraine and headaches experience an aura before the attack.  This means that they experience blind spots,  flashes of light and a tingling feeling in one arm or leg, among others.  While considering migraine headache relief or prevention it is important to take note of these types of symptoms.  This will allow you to minimise their frequency because by identifying triggers you can avoid migraine attacks.

Migraine headache relief can thankfully involve the use of common sense and a desire to live a healthy lifestyle.  Keep in mind that as you exercise and begin eating healthy food, you not only become healthier but you can boost your immune system and the body’s ability to fight diseases.  Migraine headache relief therefore should be a combination of practical and alternative remedies. If your headache or migraine attacks persist, we highly encourage you to consult with a migraine specialist in Melbourne. They can provide different headache treatments and medications to alleviate these symptoms so you can lead a better quality of life.


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How to Prevent and Heal Sports Injuries in Melbourne

Image of an Osteopath for Sports Injuries

Osteopathy for sports is fast becoming a popular trend among athletes. To enhance one’s prowess, an athlete needs to be of sound mind and body. No matter how skilled you are in your chosen field, injuries and accidents can destroy what you’ve been working hard for several years,, in a snap.

Fortunately osteopathy services from licensed osteoapths in Melbourne CBD are not in short supply. The increasing demand for healthy and natural healing alternatives has boosted the popularity of osteopathy among athletes.

How does osteopathy make you a better athlete?

Osteopathy delivers two main functions:

  • Prevention
  • Injury treatment and management

Attending regular weekly sessions at  City Osteopathy can improve performance over time. An athlete’s skillset is his or her source of livelihood. Athletes therefore place high value on the quality preventative care to ensure they are able to perform at their peak at all times.

Treatment of Sports Injuries through Effective Collaboration

Sports injuries can be minor such as in the case of sprains, or can be extremely debilitating such as in the case of broken bones and ligaments. Sports doctors, osteopaths, and physiotherapists come together to create a comprehensive care plan that includes prevention of injuries, early detection of problems, prompt treatment, and rehabilitation to name a few. Establishing connections with these healthcare professionals narrows the gap between an athlete and the injuries that commonly plague the sports industry.

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Here are Reasons Why Athletes Do Visit Melbourne Osteopathic Clinics

image of a Patient recovering in hospital after injury trauma

Elite athletes as well as individuals leading active lives find it beneficial to visit City Osteopathy. Besides pain relief and increased comfort, osteopathy enhances  the physical performance of athletes who undergo rigorous training and also individuals who occasionally dabble in physical activities.

Are osteopaths only for athletes?

You don’t need to be an athlete to take advantage of the services rendered by the best osteopaths in Melbourne.  If you participate in demanding physical activities due to job requirements or for recreational reasons, you should give osteopathy a try.

Other reasons for obtaining osteopathy services from a Melbourne-based osteopath are limited joint mobility, muscle and ligament pain and any back issues.

Can osteopathy be used as injury prevention and minimise ongoing issues?

Osteopathy is a field of manual medicine which can be used as preventive management and is beneficial in a number of situations:

  • If you’re an athlete who wants to maintain great shape and function throughout the season, we highly recommend visiting an osteopath on a regular basis. Sessions with your therapist will help in reducing the risk of injuries and damage.
  • Rehab exercises and increased movement obtained from osteopathy sessions help to prepare the body for rigorous physical activities. These improvements can increase overall power, increase range of motion, enhance flexibility and improve overall respiratory capabilities.
  • After a game or intense physical exertion, osteopathic medicine or therapy alleviates pain related to sprain, alignment issues, traumas, and overuse.

A visit to an osteopathy practitioner can help you reach your performance goals as an athlete. Osteopathy in Melbourne serves as effective prevention therapy to reduce the risk for injuries  among athletes at the pre-game stage and assists in fast recuperation of the body from damage, trauma, and injuries which may result during or after the game.

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Migraine sufferers seem to be much more likely to develop Parkinsons….

Middle-aged migraine sufferers are more than twice as likely to develop Parkinson’s disease or other movement disorders, new research has found.

People with migraine with aura – where there are warning signs before the migraine begins, such as seeing flashing lights – were most at risk.

The link is thought to be associated with a dysfunction in the brain messenger dopamine but researchers stress the overall risk is still low.

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