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Where were you born? How many siblings?

I was born and raised in Shepparton. I moved to Melbourne as an 18 year old for university. I am the youngest of 3 kids – they say that your parents stop having kids when they get the perfect one.


What were your hobbies, what did you like doing at high school?

That seems like a lifetime ago! Mostly played sport – did little aths, played basketball and netball. Used to be quite handy at triple jump and qualified for state champs each year of high school. Was an interesting experience coming to Melbourne to compete in aths because I was in my sports uniform which was shorts and a polo and the Melbourne schools were in lycra and spikes. Think everyone knew we were from the country.


Why did you choose Osteopathy?

Long story short, growing up in the country we didn’t have Osteos, I had experience with Chiropractors as a headache sufferer and my dad had a side job as a remedial massage therapist. I liked them both but they didn’t quite hit the nail on the head as individual modalities. So Osteopathy it was.


When did you graduate, and from where?

I graduated in 2009 from Victoria University. My Master’s project was on the treatment of Chronic constipation. Prior to that I did a science degree at Monash majoring in anatomy and neurophysiology.


Where have you worked as an Osteopath?

I’ve worked in a few private practices since finishing uni and also owned my own practice. I worked in Shepparton for 12 years, commuting from Melbourne, in Elwood and Gardenvale. I started at City Osteopathy in January 2022.


What do you like about Osteopathy?

Ultimately the way it makes you feel. The improvement to your life. Nobody has time in our modern world to be held back by pain or a headache. I love how much impact we can make on people’s lives as Osteopaths. Sometimes it’s the hands on treatment, sometimes it’s the chats you have with patients, sometimes you’re chatting to distract someone from their pain. No matter what the age or what the presenting complaint is we can make a change and improve someone’s wellbeing.


Why was Osteopathy a good career choice and why?

In the early days of studying Osteopathy I used to babysit for an Osteopath who was a neighbour. She said to me “this is just the best career to have with a family”. Back in those days a family wasn’t on the cards for me, but now being a mum of two little ones I understand what she meant. It gives you so many things. Fulfillment of making an impact in people’s lives as well as being able to balance it well with family life.


And what about Pilates?

Over the years it has become very evident that strength is a key component in a healthy and well-functioning body. Pilates is a huge supporter of that. To work against resistance , challenge and strengthen the body helps your body to absorb the impacts of daily life. Desk workers – what do you do to strength your body to counteract the impact of sitting for long hours at your computer? Mums – what do you do to support your body and give it strength when it comes to picking up kids, lifting them up into their highchairs or car seats or sitting in feeding postures for long periods. People of retired age, what can you do to help improve your balance and strength and reduce your risk of falling as you age. Life is impactful, exercises and resistance training helps minimize the impact and Pilates is a great addition to your life.


What exercise do you do now?

Exercise as a mum can be a bit different. You can catch me on the basketball court each week and I’m becoming pretty handy on the Auskick field with my son.

Outside that I weight train twice a week and attend a dynamic Pilates class.


Hobbies now?

Lots of mums will agree with me that having hobbies is a little tricky. After the kids are asleep it’s me and the couch and a good series (recommendations always welcome). I would say that I am pretty passionate about the NBA and enjoy NFL also. My son has taken a recent interest in the AFL which I’ve never really followed too much so I guess I’ll be learning about that also.



Olivia is available for treatment and Clinical Pilates at City Osteopathy Monday, Wednesday and Friday.