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Waking up with a sore foot?

Been running a lot lately and the bottom of the foot starts to hurt at the beginning of a run and goes away?

Feeling tender on the “arch” of your foot?

Have you answered YES to any of these questions?

You might have Plantar Fascitis or Plantar Heel Pain.

What is Plantar Fascitis?

Plantar means sole of the foot and fasciitis means inflammation. When put together you have inflammation of the fascia on your foot. This fascia is a band that originates from your heel and continues until your mid foot, then slowly divides into 5 bands to each of your toes.

Where is the pain located in Plantar Fascitis?

Normally most of the pain would come from your heel and it would feel tender in your arch of your foot.

Did you know?

When we are walking that fascia absorbs 1.1 times your body weight and when you are running it doubles to 2.5 times!

What are the risk factors of Plantar Fascitis?Plantar Fasciitis

1. Pes cavus (claw foot) or pes planus (flat foot) deformity

2. Excessive pronation (rolling) of your foot

3. High impact / weight bearing activities such as running, jumping prolonged standing

4. Poor fitting shoe

5. Elevated weight (High BMI)

What can I do to help Plantar Fascitis?

1. Calf strengthening

2. Stretch your calf and arch

3. Towel crunches with your toes

4. Talk to your osteo about the use of an intervention such as an orthotic, fascitis fighter aid or a fascia sock!

Our resident exercise and footy guru, Dr Daniel Castellano

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