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Have you been experiencing some pain in your wrists or hands?
We’re hear to point you in the right direction : )
 Try massaging between your thumb and pointer finger, you can do this by making an L shape with the affected hand. Use your other hand to grip the area on both sides massaging in circles.
 Try making on O shape between your thumb and each finger. Have the tip of your thumb and tip of each finger touch to create the letter O. Touch each tip of the finger with your thumb one at a time.
3. Wrist movement – Figure 8’s
Try moving your fingers in each direction like you’re making a figure 8. Repeat this movement a few times.
4. Spikey Ball –
Try pressing your hand and forearm muscles on a spikey ball to work through some of the tender points in the muscles.
5. To finish let’s stretch out our wrists. Have your palms facing the ground bend your hand so that your fingers are pointing down. Repeat this exercise with your fingers pointing to the sky. You may gentle add extra pressure with your opposite hand, be careful not to push too hard.
Talk to your osteopath Melbourne at City Osteopathy about any hand/wrist pain.