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Small breaks throughout your workday can have a huge positive effect on your body and mind. A great strategy to create regular breaks is time blocking, which involves scheduling pre-set periods of time for specific tasks.

For example, alternating 30-minute periods of sitting and standing followed by a 5 to 10-minute active movement break. Whilst you sit you may perform more productive, labour intensive work then alternate to standing when on a zoom call or responding to emails then take a short screen free break to move your body away from your workstation.

Time blocking your workday can help you work more efficiently, create more energy, break up screen time, prevent postural muscle fatigue and create a sense of balance throughout the day. The most important element is to create a schedule that suits you at the start of each day, so it is achievable and even flexible.

Movement during work breaks can include using a tennis ball or foam roller to release tight muscles, performing stretches, walking or exercising. Even involving breaks to take the mind away from work such as making meals, making a coffee or tea, evening hanging out the washing can help relax the mind, move the body and ultimately make you more productive when you return to work. Never underestimate the power of a mindful break!

Watch the video on our you tube channel on how to use a ball to release shoulder and neck muscle tension.

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Dr Sarah Cust

Osteopath, City Osteopathy