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Spring has finally arrived and we have been blessed with some terrific weather. This has been a welcomed arrival for us Victorians in lockdown, to be able to get outdoors and get and do some exercise in warm weather. (Which has recently been lifted to 2 hours woo hoo, Cheers Dan)
Most of us are very familiar with the physical benefits of exercise such as improved cardiovascular (heart) Health and weight loss. But did you know that there are many psychological and emotional benefits for 30 minutes of exercise? A lot of these benefits come exercising assisting the body to release from the release of endorphins help to
Reducing stress and anxiety
Improving mood
Improving memory
These are critical components of our Mental and emotional help which can be boosted via exercise.
Se next time you’re questioning whether or not to go for that walk, ride or run. Just go outside, exercise and get some Vitamin D. Your will thank yourself for it later.