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Close up of female patient receiving osteopathic neck treatment, image by city osteopathy

The main goal of osteopaths is to improve the health of patients through manual or hands-on treatment. As osteopathy is based on the belief system that all organ systems of the body work synergistically, an issue in one system such as the musculoskeletal system can affect the functioning of other body organ systems, too. With this in mind, osteopathy is perceived as a holistic approach to achieving overall health and wellness.

Osteopathic manipulative treatment is made up of a system of treatment modalities and therapeutic management that are all geared towards the alleviation of pain,  restoration of vital bodily functions, and the promotion of wellbeing.


During a visit to an osteopath in Melbourne CBD, here are common treatments that patients encounter:


  • Initial Consultation


Osteopaths will ask questions pertaining to your major complaint. During the interview, the patient will be asked about their medical history, family history, and other information that will help osteopaths arrive at an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

It is also during initial consultation that osteopaths perform careful examination of muscles and joints. Diagnostic exams may also be ordered to support a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Referrals will be made if and when the condition is beyond the scope of osteopathic medicine.


  • Disciplines of Osteopathy


Osteopathic treatments can consist of some of the following disciplines:

  • Fascial release refers to treatment that aims to restore both mobility and motility of membranes and connective tissues.
  • Soft tissue mobilisation that aims to reduce muscle and soft tissue tension, improve fluid dispersion and increase flexibility
  • Osteo-articular adjustments refers to the methodical manual technique which aims to reduce the strain upon an articular functional unit.
  • Stretching of articulations and soft tissues


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