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Jan (not real name) came in to City Osteopathy after complaining of right shoulder weakness of 3 months duration.  She could not lift her arm above 80 degrees due to complete loss of muscular strength, her arm was basically paralysed above that range with little prospect it would recover.

This issue came on basically over a day, she had done the Oxfam walk and a few days later she woke in 10/10 pain in her right shoulder and arm.  She could not use her arm.  She went to hospital, they did a scan which was clear and sent her home with ENDONE (VERY powerful pain killer), and a sling.  Basically she was in all sorts.  She then went to her GP, who sent her to a Physio.  Some treatments did nothing.  She then went to a surgeon with the same outcome.  Her son then discovered that her shoulder blade was winging badly so she went back to GP, then to a Neurologist who diagnosed a Long Thoracic Nerve Palsy.  Treatment options were pain killers, nerve pain medicines, and more or less suck it up, you cannot do anything  Not a good diagnosis for a patient!!

Her pain had reduced but her paralysis was still the same.  After 3 treatments with a Melbourne Osteopath in our clinic, doing gentle osteopathic treatment to focus on getting her shoulder blade, upper back, shoulder and neck all looser and working more optimally, plus specific home rehabilitation exercises over  two months time she now has FULL shoulder mobility, NO pain, and NO winging of the shoulder blade.  Her Melbourne GP cannot believe it, neither can that patient, but then again a different approach can work wonders with a little bit of luck mixed in!