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image of a Woman experiencing Neck pain

The causes of neck pain are multifactorial. According to neck specialists, they may range from poor posture, depression and injuries, neck strain among others. Unresolved neck pain is detrimental to one’s safety and overall wellness. Hence treatment options and remedies should be implemented once causative factors are identified by a cervical spine specialist in Melbourne.


In this article, we will enumerate simple but effective neck pain relief measures you can do at home.


  • An important pointer when resolving neck pain issues is limiting physical activities and using pain medication for pain relief, as a majority of neck pain cases are due to muscle strain.


It’s important to take it easy if you feel acute pain following strenuous physical activity. If you experience acute pain, take a few days off from working out or from executing rigorous physical activities to allow neck muscles to unbind and recover. A neck specialist may also prescribe taking over-the-counter medications for immediate relief from pain and discomfort.


Ice and heat application

Ice pack and heat pack applications are simple but effective solutions that deliver neck pain relief. The basic rule is to ice the affected part of the neck with an ice pack for the first 48 hours, then use heat pack compression in the next few days. Ice and heat compression or application are effective solutions for neck pain caused by muscle or ligament strain.


Physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises

Seeking help from a neck pain specialist guarantees fast recovery from pain or injury to the neck. A trained cervical spine specialist will provide you with exercises, proper lifting, and walking techniques that will help reduce neck pain, strengthen the weak parts of the neck, as well as prevent injuries from happening altogether.

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