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Image of an Old man with back pain

Chronic back pain hurts your quality of life. Despite multiple treatment solutions, you still suffer from nagging pain. Before you visit a back-pain specialist for specialised assessment and treatment, here are home back pain remedies that you should try at home.



  • Induce natural endorphin release


Endorphins are hormones that are naturally produced by the body. One of their lesser-known functions is to block the transmission of pain signals to the brain. Also, endorphins reduce stress and feelings of depression, both of which are related to worsening chronic back pain symptoms.

So how do you increase the production of endorphins? Simple activities such as working out, massage therapy, and meditation are proven to increase the concentration of endorphins in the bloodstream resulting in pain relief.



  • Sleep is key


There is a connection between chronic back pain and sleep. Individuals suffering from insomnia experience an exacerbation of chronic back pain symptoms. Consequently, they are unable to get enough sleep. It is important to address the cause of pain or find ways to reduce the pain sensation to get adequate sleep. This vicious cycle will stop once you can sleep at least 7 to 8 hours at night.



  • Core exercises are a must


The muscles in the abdominal region play an important role in supporting the muscles along the spinal region. To reduce pain, it’s important to implement exercise routines that specifically target the core muscles. Simple core exercises such as planks and sit-ups can resolve back issues over time.

If these simple home remedies fail to resolve chronic back pain, schedule a back pain assessment with our specialists. Call us on 03 9663 5450 for the best and most affordable back pain solutions today.