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image of a Man having chiropractic back adjustment

Shoulder pain is typically ignored until the pain and discomfort becomes unbearable. We tend to forget to listen to our bodies and end up with injuries that can permanently affect the quality of our lives.

In the case of shoulder pain, bodily abuse combined with wear and tear can result in pain and decrease the range of motion, which limits the ability to achieve our full potential.

In this article, we will discuss some of the common causes of shoulder pain and how a visit to a reputable osteopathy clinic in Melbourne Victoria can treat this condition and prevent future injuries altogether.


What causes shoulder pain and injuries?


  • Muscle weakness due to lack of mobility and exercise
  • Placing excessive levels of stress on tendons
  • Mistakes on techniques leading to muscle misuse in workout and sporting activities
  • Lax shoulder joint capsule
  • Wrong posture and sleeping position
  • Repetitive movements that involve overhead positions


When should you see an osteopath?

Common shoulder injuries can be characterised by a sharp or shooting pain, or duller pain in and around the shoulder joint. There are also reports of dull pain felt between the tip of the shoulders and neck region and can even refer down into the arm.

The pain and discomfort are typically felt when shoulders are lifted up or in most arm movements. Shoulder pain and injuries when left untreated may result in a feeling of numbness or a tingling sensation down along the arms and hands.

How can osteopathy help individuals who suffer from shoulder pain and injuries?

The most common shoulder injuries are those inflicted on the rotator cuff due to damage of shoulder muscle tendons. Frozen shoulder and impingement syndrome are also common conditions treated at osteopathy clinics in Melbourne.

For these shoulder injuries, osteopaths will provide manual manipulation of shoulder joints, surrounding soft tissues, shoulder blade, upper back and neck. Mobilisation and articulation techniques are also employed to loosen up soft tissues which in turn alleviates shoulder pain and stiffness.

The osteopathic treatment created for individuals with shoulder pain and injuries is geared towards pain relief, enhancing the range of motion, and improving the overall functionality of the shoulder region.


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