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Are you looking for the best back specialist in Melbourne?! City Osteopathy is proud of the extensive experience our practitioners have with treating back pain and sciatica pain in Melbourne. We have been in the CBD for nearly 20 years now and have built up a team of over 10 Osteopaths who can offer you some of the best lower back pain treatment in Melbourne.

Our Osteopaths all continue to do continuing professional development via in group training, and external courses run by both Osteopathy Australia and external providers. Some lecture at either Melbourne Osteopathic course or do clinical tuition to maintain ongoing and up to date knowledge. We are also in general sports and fitness nuts, doing things like running coaching, running marathons, long haul bike rides, pilates etc.
If you haven’t tried Osteopathy for your ongoing acute or chronic back pain, and have seen other back pain specialists in Melbourne, come and give us a go, you may be surprised what our conservative, simple and effective approach can offer you. And do so with an experienced team, there are none more experienced in Melbourne than City Osteopathy.  Read all about  our team.
Check out this article on how a nearing 40 year old was converted by Osteopathy, we like it!

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