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Football, Soccer, Netball, Rugby and Basketball can all present similar traumatic injuries.

All of our Osteopaths at City Osteopathy are trained in a wide variety of Orthopedic tests, which help diagnose sports injuries and rule in or out more serious conditions. Occasionally with traumatic injuries we may recommend further investigation such as MRI, CT scan, Ultrasound or X-rays which our team can write referrals for so that you won’t have to wait any longer than is necessary for a full diagnosis.

Common injuries seen by our Osteopaths include

Acute ankle sprains – these often present with a lot of swelling and bruising.
Acute Knee injuries including ligament tears, tendon injury and meniscal damage.
Fractures to the small bones of the hand, wrist, foot and ankle.
AC joint injury typically from a tackle or fall onto the shoulder tip.

Some of our Osteopaths have a particular interest in rehabilitation following some of the more extensive injuries such as Knee reconstructions and Hip Arthroscopies.  A rehabilitation program with home exercises and advice regarding injury management can also be provided by our practitioners.

During the acute stage of sports injury, management is one of the most important factors in reducing the amount on time on the sidelines.  Consulting with one of our Osteopaths will ensure you have all the best information and should reduce your time away from the playing field.

Dr. Drew Blatchford has a particular interest in these types of injuries and has been working with players and teams from the Eastern football league for the last 5 years in an acute injury clinic.