Dr Drew Blatchford – Osteopath


DSC02739Drew’s background is in sports science having completed a bachelor’s degree in Manchester, England. During this period he attended the National cricket academy as part of the Sports Science support to England’s opening batswomen. Drew has also interspersed his work in Osteopathy with research in the field of cycling focused on the set up position of cyclists and it’s affect on cycling economy, muscle recruitment, muscle force and contraction velocity as well as changes to joint range of movement.

Drew completed his Osteopathic studies in Melbourne during which time he continued his interest in Sports rehabilitation by attending Sports medicine Australia conferences and seminars. In particular, Drew gained valuable experience working with shoulder injuries. Drew treats all types of conditions from foot pain to neck pain and headaches.

Drew is an accomplished mountain biker having raced in Greece, North America, New Zealand and the UK. Currently he enjoys competing in endurance events in Australia. He also enjoys snowboarding and playing golf.