Ergonomic and postural related conditions.

Most of us have sat down for an extended period of time, say around 2 hours without a break, and felt the discomfort rear its ugly head, in areas such as the lower back, midback, shoulders, or neck. The sitting can take place at home on the computer, on holidays reading a good book, or at work when trying to make deadlines. We all know some possible causes, most admitting it to their “poor posture”.  It’s evident, you only have to look around on any transportation, eatery, or even the street corner and look at people on their phones looking down, with their neck almost at at 90 degrees. It really is everywhere you look: postural related strains.

sitting bad image

It has been found, that jobs that involve prolonged standing or sitting positions have been found to be associated with an increased incidence of musculoskeletal conditions, and more specifically, those that perform prolonged computer use (Westgaard & Winkel 1996; Gerr, Marcus et al. 2002 in Healy et al, 2012, pp 13).


Now if you think back the 2 hour period of sitting that was talked about earlier, and multiply that by 4 (to give you a 8 hour working day), times by 5 (for the week at work), and 52 times that make up the year… Now times that by the number of years that you have been in that line of work or activity… That adds up to a large number of hours causing strain to specific types of tissues – ultimately, a factor that may be contributing to the discomfort you may be experiencing! Over this time, we have created mechanical changes and adaptations which ultimately need to addressed.

At City Osteopathy, we consider the whole picture with regards to your pain, and address not only the pain or discomfort itself, but the underlying causes – which can be posture and ergonomics for many people…

Furthermore, not only do we assess your presenting complaint, but also can offer active Ergonomic Assessments within your own working environment to assist with the management of your condition.

So, for any conditions associated with posture and ergonomics, or external Ergonomic Assessments, please don’t hesitate to contact City Osteopathy for your next consultation.
Healy GN, Lawler SP, Thorp A, Neuhaus M, Robson EL, Owen N & Dunstan DW 2012. Reducing prolonged sitting in the workplace (An evidence review: full report), Victorian Health Promotion Foundation, Melbourne, Australia


By Dr Chloe Harris – Osteopath and Pilates Instructor