Dr Chloe Harris – Osteopath


Chloe has a background in exercise science and state level sport, which ultimately has lead to her journey into the field of Osteopathy. Graduating from Victoria University, her Research paper investigated the awareness and referral rates of Maternal and Child Health Nurse’s to complementary and alternative medicine.

Chloe has experience in Massage Therapy, working for 2 leading corporate businesses, and also a gym. This experience allowed her to excel her skills in understanding and treating the body. She uses a wide range of techniques both structurally and indirectly, and incorporates her experience in Dry Needling when applicable.

Chloe is interested in a wide range of sports and activities, including Netball, Running, Cycling and Touch Football. In her spare time, she enjoys indulging in coffee, reading and spending time with friends and family.

Chloe is currently walking the Camino in Spain, but we hope to see her soon on her return!