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Low back pain is continuing to be a most beguiling issue for medical experts.  There still remains to be a specific diagnosis or consensus when it comes to the ‘why’, ‘how’ and cause behind low back pain.

In our opinion, THE MOST IMPORTANT factor in determining what is the diagnosis and thus the appropriate treatment and advice is that you see an experienced practitioner, someone who has seen thousands of like situations.


Low back pain is THE MOST COMMON condition that we treat.  We see it many times per day.  At City Osteopathy, all of our practitioners range from experienced to extremely experienced, thus we feel extremely capable in this field.

Generally speaking, your low back pain will be coming from either quite simple causes, or from more complex issues.  It may be just local or it can be related to more distant things such as a knee, foot or hip issues,   We will determine whether you have any relevant contributing factors, and will be determined to find the causative agent. We always aim to give you short and long term pain relief, to improve your function and to give you any relevant exercise and rehabilitation advice to maintain your condition and prevent any flareups.