Neck pain and Osteopathy

Neck pain can be from relatively simple mechanical problems such as joint or muscle strains.  Or it can be from more complicated and serious issues such as a disc bulge, other pathologies or from degenerative changes.


It is important to remember that you cannot treat any pain coming from your neck without getting an up to date, informed and professional diagnosis.  It is also important to know that any neck pain needs to be diagnosed immediately to rule out any of the more serious causes which can very quickly get worse and more difficult to treat.


Osteopaths can expertly diagnose neck pain, and from that, can effectively treat neck pain.  We do this regularly every day, its probably the most common condition we see.  We will diagnose by using a combination of taking a detailed history, doing a detailed functional assessment and any imaging like MRI that we think is necessary.  We will then apply gentle osteopathic treatment, use up to date exercise rehabilitation and teach self help strategies.  Why put up with neck pain, it can be so simple to fix if in the right hands!