Working from Home in CV Times

Many of us have struggled to mimic our workplace desk setup at home, which often leads to discomfort – very understandable when considering the hours spent in one, less than ideal position.
Tips for sitting well:
  1. Sit with your backside right to the back of the chair, so that the lower back arch support is supporting your lower back
  2. Have your chair close to the desk, so that you are not reaching for your mouse and keyboard
  3. Keep your chest open, chin tucked, and shoulders relaxed, with elbows by your side (as to not reach forward)
  4. Have your screen at eye level. This can be done with an external monitor added to your laptop, OR your laptop propped up on some books, with an additional keyboard and mouse attached.
  5. Have both feet planted on the ground. If they cannot reach, then place some books under them.
  6. And have REGULAR BREAKS. Every 30 minutes to an hour. Stand up, drink water, and move your body in creative ways! This could be very productive time to get the blood and oxygen to the brain for greater productivity! Consider writing up a break plan, with short exercises you can do each break, tick those boxes!
If you are struggling with postural discomfort from home, we are here to help, providing musculoskeletal relief and advice on home exercises and how to get your set up optimised for comfort!