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Vertigo is a complex condition that is often present due to a variety of factors.  It is rarely simple!

Generally, it can be boxed into a few broad categories.  These are issues with your blood pressure or your blood pressure medications, other medications, inner ear infections, a virus, issues arising from your neck that affects a particular nerve and benign issues from your vestibular apparatus (governs balance).

As Osteopaths, we are expertly positioned to talk to you about most of these issues, and we can generally help to define what the causative agent is.

Generally vertigo is coming from a factor that is treatable, and often easily so. We find that far and away it is most commonly from benign issues arising from your neck or vestibular apparatus, and a series of very gentle treatments to relieve pressure and irritation in your neck can reduce your symptoms markedly, along with doing the most current rehabilitative exercises to your vestibular apparatus.  It is amazing how a patient can have terrible vertigo and get very quick and large improvements with gentle, targeted treatment.

We highly encourage you to try to relieve and treat your vertigo with gentle Osteopathic Treatment as we strongly believe it is a very effective treatment regime.  The alternative medical treatments such as taking stematil do not address the cause of your vertigo but merely may relieve your symptoms, and the barrage of tests you can receive in hospital are quite uncomfortable and advisable to avoid if possible.