Texting. Why its a pain in the neck!

Many of the passengers are thumbing furiously while bent forward looking down.

Of course, this is a position we assume regularly. What we are not made for is holding fixed positions over time. The longer it’s held, the more the brain thinks we want this to be our new ‘normal’ neck position, the more it will want to hold it there, longer it will make those muscles and paradoxically, also weaker.
While writing this I’ve seen a few stretch their neck as those poor muscles get longer and weaker, attempting to stop that brain container falling forward.
I’m on a short 30 minute trip, and these folk have held the neck flexion unwavered for 15 minutes, and I’m sure some of them will still be in that position until disembarking at central station.
It’s a accumulative affect, the more often it’s held in this position for long periods of time, the worse it will become. This will commonly leading to neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, and more painful areas as the body starts to compensate for this new normal.
My advice is to not use the phone too low down, not with your hand resting on your lap for example, try to hold it up in front of you so you can lift your chin up, avoid sustained periods of over 5 minutes with the neck bent forward, and Or maybe listen to podcasts with headphones instead.

Neck pain and texting.  Its obvious!

That’s enough writing, my neck is starting to hurt, I’ll have to make a booking with my osteopath!

Dr Simon Duncan Osteopath

City Osteopathy