Shoulder pain

Osteopaths are brilliantly situated to help you with shoulder pain.  Have a look at this great diagram, its such a beautiful joint and you can see how complicated it is.

shoulder pain
Of all the joints, the shoulder needs a complete wholistic approach if you want to get improvement for any of its issues that arise. It’s called the shoulder girdle for a reason, as to get complete power and functional movement your shoulder joints, shoulder blade, thoracic spine, neck and rib cage and surrounding soft tissues all need to function together in synergy. If you have a problem in one, then your shoulder may be affected.
We commonly see rotator cuff pains, tears and strains, subdeltoid bursitis, weakness, stiffness, frozen shoulder and more. And we are proud of our effectiveness in helping these issues by using our unique philosophy, our hands and rehab advice for you.
Also know that shoulder clean ups (arthroscopes for rotator cuff tears in particular) have been studied extensively and many studies have shown them to be massively over prescribed. These studies show that placebo is just as effective as surgery for many patients.  Hence, time, proper manual therapy and rehabilitation should always be your first course of action.
By Dr Shane Heslop