Set up to work from home!

Home Office Set Up – An Osteopaths Perspective…..

Recent times has encouraged those who can work from home to do so. Working from home can be challenging, so setting up a space that is ideal to work in is essential and can help reduce the risk of common aches and pains.

Where possible the following should be considered when setting up your workstation at home.


Creating a separate space at home dedicated to work is important. This can help with productivity and reduce distractions that may come with working in a different environment.

A dedicated space or room in your house for working hours that has; natural light, fresh air/good ventilation and limited outside noises and distractions are great spaces to set up your workstation.



Choose a chair that has a high back, good back support and adjustable chair height. Your chair height should be adjusted so your feet are sitting flat on the floor or on a footrest and your knees at 90 degrees.

Please ask us for any advice regarding chairs, we can recommend one that suits you.  Call us on 9663 5450 or email your osteopath.

You can use a rolled up towel or small cushion behind your lower back to provide support if your chair at home doesn’t have lower back support or you can’t get a new one.

Your knees should be able to fit under the desk with space between the two. If your desk is too high you can always lift your chair and use a footrest to allow your feet to be supported.


Your monitor should be directly in front of you at eye level. If you use a laptop you can prop up your screen with books or boxes for example to adjust the height. We recommend you get a larger screen than a laptop if you can, it means you don’t lean forwards to see, and its more relaxing for your eyes.


If you have access to a separate keyboard and mouse this is ideal to use. Have them within easy reach so your arms are close to your body, resting comfortably on your desk and elbows approximately at 90 degrees. Consider getting a vertical mouse, these are a lot more ergonomic, they reduce tension in your arms and shoulders. We can recommend a few, please just ask.