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Sciatica is defined as referred pain, numbness and weakness into the leg that is coming from your back or pelvis.  You may not necessarily experience all three symptoms.

The cause of sciatica can be from relatively benign issues such as muscle spasm and tightness or it can be from more aggressive causes like a disc bulge.

It is very important to seek Osteopathic advice immediately to determine what your diagnosis is, because this determines the treatment, prognosis and rehabilitation that will be most effective for you.  Any time lag may lead to damage that can be difficult to reverse.

Your Osteopath is highly qualified to diagnose, treat, and manage all sciatic pain issues; in fact it is one of our most common conditions that we manage.  We are very proud of our ability to give you great long term positive outcomes using gentle, non-painful, non-aggressive up to date treatments.  We will also greatly reduce the possibility of your sciatica from developing and becoming a surgical situation which for obvious reasons is to be avoided.


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