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Whilst it generally accepted that most runners get injured at some stage, but more often than not, this is preventable and is always treatable.

Most commonly running injuries occur for one of two key reasons;

1. Overload. Typically, this means doing too much, too soon. Whether it be when you are getting back into running and your body is taking longer to adapt than your running regime would like, or you have increased your running training load or program, and again your body is just not keeping up. Running is a high impact activity and as such takes time for your body’s muscles and joints to adapt to the increased mechanical load. When it doesn’t, something got to give, and typically your breaks down, and you end up with pain and injury. However, early intervention when you start to feel soreness or pain and hence appropriate treatment and management can prevent further or more serious injury from developing, and instead you can begin to recover.

2. The other important reason injuries occur in runner is poor running technique and /or efficiency. Running is a skill, like all sports and as such can be taught and learned. Whilst I firmly believe we are all ‘Born to Run’ our modern lives and lifestyles can work against us, in particular wearing of heeled shoes, lack of natural ( uneven) ground and too much chair sitting can affect our ability to be strong, stable and mobile enough to run well.

Your Osteopath can assess and identify these factors that might be affecting your ability to run and causing injury. The sooner you do this, the sooner you can get back on track to your next running goal.

Melbourne Marathon

Melbourne Marathon

Common running injuries that we see and treat at City Osteopathy include:

Runner’s Knee/ITB Syndrome, Plantar fasciitis, achilles and calf injuries, shin splints, hip pain, muscle strains such as quads & hamstrings.