Rock Climbing w Dr Nia May, Osteopath

Dr Nia May is our resident rock climbing expert at City Osteopathy.  Do you have low back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain related to rock climbing, abseiling or bouldering?  Come speak to Nia, she is a wealth of knowledge.

Here is a little insight into what she did over summer….

Last weekend I went up to Mount Macedon to check out the rock climbing and hikes there.  It’s a surprisingly short drive to be out of Melbourne and into this beautiful area, and it did not disappoint!  Australia has some amazing rock, much of it difficult to get to, and it was refreshing to find a good number of people enjoying the climbing, walking, and general picnicking, in a spot so close to home.
We parked up in Camel’s Hump and walked the short track to the cliffs.  Unfortunately, we were too busy climbing to take photos of climbing, but once we got to the top we got this lovely shot of the view.  Fresh air and green views are always a good way to spend the weekend!