Pilates Change in Prices

We have not put our Pilates prices up at City Osteopathy for 3 years and you will find we are probably the cheapest place in town for Melbourne Pilates with such personalised classes, added bonus being mainly run by Osteopaths  As of September 2019 we will be implementing the following change of prices:


Intro pack $340 – $90 initial, 5x $55 classes

5X group class pack $275 – 5x $55 classes

Pay as you go $60 per class

Solo classes $100 per class


Please note we have a strict 18 hour cancellation policy of $25. Failure to arrive to our classes two weeks in a row (without notification)* will mean your class time is forfeited.

*discussed with your teacher – illness/leave exempt.


Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at: