Our Pilates Instructors

Camille Rey

Camille is a magnificent, motivated and passionate Breathe pilates trained instructor.

Camille has come to our studio after managing a busy clinical pilates studio based in a Physio clinic.  She is relishing the challenge, and passion of our city based studio clients.

She has developed a deep interest in the health, fitness and well-being industry, and is  also currently studying her Bachelor of Exercise Science (clinical practice) at Victoria University.

When away from our studio, she loves challenging herself with different training styles, doing her own pilates training, dancing the salsa, and going bushwalking in our lovely environment.  Camille is French but has been living in Australia for 8 years and has recently got her residency! She loves our wonderful way of life and you will find her enthusiasm infectious, its a great combination in our studio.


Dr Clair Hurst (osteopath)


Clair’s love for sport and fascination for the human body, as well as her tendency to find annual use for a pair of crutches, led her to discover Osteopathy.

Clair graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor and Masters degree in Osteopathy. For her Masters project, she investigated the effectiveness of Electric Soda in reducing inflammation, and looked at the role that evidence-based medicine plays in a clinical setting. Clair has furthered her education, and broadened her scope of treatment, through the completion of a Myofascial Needling and Cupping Course, and has also a qualified APPI Clinical Pilates Instructor. Clair practise Osteopathy & teaches Clinical Pilates in our Queen Street Pilates studio.

Clair has a particular interest in chronic pain, and strives to be the health professional to break its cycle. For this reason, she is very passionate when it comes to identifying lifestyle factors that are contributing to a patient’s condition, and formulating a management plan that addresses these through education, ergonomic advice and rehabilitation.

Outside of the clinic, Clair spends her time running, learning to surf, creating costumes and researching places to travel.

Dr Bronwyn La Brooy (osteopath)

Bronwyn graduated from RMIT University after initially completing an Exercise and Sport Science degree from Deakin University.  She has a nutrition and rehabilitation background and has worked with many sporting teams over the last 10 years – in particular coordinating a rowing program at Caulfield Grammar School and head trainer at Old Carey football club.  She plays a variety of sports herself including netball and triathlons.  Bronwyn understands the biomechanics of movement, posture and lifestyle on health and wellbeing.  She is an avid “yogie”, has dry needling and cupping certificates and will be completing Pilate’s qualifications in the near future.

Bronwyn is also involved with an osteopathic program in India treating in one of Asia’s best orthopaedic hospitals alongside world renowned surgeons.  This program is based in Mumbai and Goa, where she has been three times.

She is a qualified Pilates Instructor and one of our valuable Pilates team.  You can see her for 1:1 or 1:2 classes for intimate, closely supervised rehabilitative sessions.  Make use of her extensive sports trainer and osteo history in the studio, she is a valuable resource!

On weekends you’ll find her cheering on her Carlton blue boys at the MCG or hiking/cycling along Victoria’s best trails.

Dr Emily Cousins (physiotherapist)


We are extremely happy to welcome Emily to the City Osteopathy Pilates team.

Emily Cousins is a Pilates Instructor (APPI trained). Emily has also completed her Doctor if Physiotherapy and is a qualified Exercise Physiologist.  WOW!
Emily is passionate about exercise and rehabilitation, and uses her Pilates knowledge to promote positive movement patterns with her patients. Emily is also a big believer in the role Pilates can play in preventing injury, falls and musculoskeletal stiffness.
Emily has extensive experience in teaching Pilates to a variety of clients including elite junior dancers, footballers, post-surgical and patients with chronic pain.
In her spare time Emily enjoys keeping fit by playing Touch Football, attending F45 and the occasional dance class.

Carolina Moya

Carolina is a Clinical Pilates instructor with a Physiotherapy degree completed in Chile.

She loves how Pilates bring all rehabilitation concepts together and how a mind-body connection is essential. She strongly believes in honoring /nourishing mind & body and that health & fitness are an integral part of life.

Carolina has a particular interest in women’s health, all different sports injuries.

During her sessions, she creates a personal space that requires a commitment to the body as well as being conscious of breathing and movement.  As a dedicated instructor, she will put maintain a keen eye on the finer details encouraging you to reach your fitness and health long-term goals with a holistic approach, whether you want to feel stronger, flexible, pain-free, improve your sports performance, or improve your quality of life.