What do an Osteopath and skiing have in common?

He’s a part time skier and a full-time Osteopath Melbourne CBD

Injuries. He’s a part time skier and an Osteopath Melbourne CBD. What do they have in common? One provides the stacks to hurt skiers. The other heals the injured skiers.

Is skiing the most dangerous sport

This article questions if skiing is the most dangerous sport on the planet. Shane Heslop, practicing Osteopath Melbourne CBD, thinks there might be some truth behind the article based on his own experiences. Not just from healing other skiers, but also from injuring himself when attempting world shattering speeds downhill or trying to get as much air as he can when going cross country.

According to Dr Mike Langran, one of the UK’s leading authority on snow sports injury and prevention, these are some of the common areas of the body injured when people snowboard.

Osteopathy Melbourne CBD

Source: http://www.ski-injury.com/injury-statistics/stats1#location

Skiing Safety Tips

When it comes to injuries from any type of snow sport activity, there’s a good rule of thumb to follow. Prevention is better than cure. And yes folks, you can have that one for free!

Here’s another one that if followed, would most likely reduce the injury rate to zero.

Always stay in control, and be able to stop or avoid other people or objects. (But that would take the fun out of it, right?) You can jump over here to this website for more ski safety tips.

But if you’ve injured yourself from skiing and are seeking an osteopath in Melbourne CBD, then the team at City Osteopathy can help you. Being sports enthusiasts as well, the team knows intrinsically what you are going through and know how to effectively heal you… because they injure themselves too!

Here’s Shane getting ready to hit the slopes. And literally did 5 minutes later. He muttered something about an AC Joint not feeling right.

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Shane Heslop – live action!